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D2L’s Global Accessibility Lead is Chosen for Key Advisory Roles

Dr. Sambhavi Chandrashekar Selected to Sit on International Artificial Intelligence and Accessibility Councils

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D2L, a global learning technology company, today shared that Dr. Sambhavi Chandrashekar, D2L’s Global Accessibility Lead, has been selected by three accessibility groups to help shape Canadian and international standards for accessible and equitable artificial intelligence (AI) and to help promote accessibility enablement.

Dr. Chandrashekar has taken on three important roles:

  • Vice Chairperson of Accessibility Standards Canada’s (ASC) Technical Committee for AI Standards: CAN-ASC-6.2 Accessible and Equitable Artificial Intelligence Systems. This committee brings together national and international experts and thought leaders from industries, academic and research bodies and government. The goal is to help create standards for ethical, accessible and equitable AI practices. The committee also assumes responsibility for the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Standards: CAN/ASC – EN 301 549:2024 – Accessibility requirements for ICT products and services (EN 301 549:2021, IDT).
  • Vice Chair of the 2024 Global Leadership Council (GLC) of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), a Global Inclusive ICT Initiative (G3ict) division. G3ict is an advocacy initiative launched in 2006 by the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT. Dr. Chandrashekar’s role on the Council will be to advise and help implement the 2024 -2026 strategic plan for IAAP. This is her second year as an IAAP GLC member.
  • Member of 1EdTech’s Gen AI Data Rubric Taskforce, aimed at developing a self-assessment tool for edtech suppliers with respect to the use of data in AI. The taskforce has experts from educational institutions and technology suppliers. The tool is intended to be used as a model for growth with transparency and users’ options in relation to the application of AI in digital resources.

“I’m honoured to join these important committees. I look forward to collaborating with experts to help with the development and deployment of AI systems and tools that can prioritize inclusion and spark innovation. I’m excited about working on global accessibility enablement through certification and knowledge exchange,” said Dr. Chandrashekar. “I believe it’s important that people with disabilities can leverage the opportunities of AI and that we continue to tackle challenges and barriers to participation.”

“I look forward to having Dr. Chandrashekar join our council,” said Christopher M. Lee, Ph.D., VP & Managing Director of G3ict/IAAP “Her expertise in ICT and higher education, as well as her involvement in advocacy agendas advancing the accessibility of digital rights for people with disabilities, will bring depth and value to GLC.”

“The rapid growth of AI makes this an exciting time for higher education, but the emerging technology brings many challenges along with the amazing benefits it provides. It is incumbent on us to work together to ensure that it is used ethically, thoughtfully and equitably to enhance learning for all students,” said Evan Silberman, interim University Executive Director of City University of New York (CUNY) Online. “As a client of D2L, CUNY commends Dr. Chandrashekar, an industry innovator and leader, for her commitment to the development of best practices to ensure the equitable development and deployment of these powerful educational tools.”

D2L is committed to the responsible development and use of artificial intelligence. To learn more about what D2L is doing to practice inclusive and equitable AI, please read D2L’s Responsible AI Principles and about our commitment to accessibility in learning.

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