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D2L Fusion 2021

Fusion Labs give you the chance to strengthen your technical skills and provide feedback. Our experts will be on hand to answer your questions, listen to your ideas, and help you get the most out of the Brightspace platform.

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Accessibility Lab

Sessions: July 14, noon–2:30pm ET

Open Lab: July 14, 3pm–3:45pm ET

Interested in learning about the latest in accessibility on the Brightspace platform? Attend the Accessibility sessions on July 14, from noon to 2:30pm ET, for a full program of Accessibility offerings by D2Lers, clients, and partners on a range of topics.

These sessions will be followed by our Accessibility Open Lab, from 3pm to 3:45pm ET, which will introduce you to our virtual Accessibility Lab for some engaging learning and activity.

Tour our virtual Accessibility Lab for a hands-on Accessibility experience. Connect online with D2L Accessibility experts who can answer your questions and help you get the most out of the Accessibility features of our Brightspace platform.

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Data Analytics Lab

Sessions: July 20, noon–3:30pm ET

Data enthusiasts, system administrators, data scientists, and data analysts: Join us in the Data Analytics Lab!

D2L developers, consultants, and product managers will be on hand to answer your questions, listen to your feedback, and help you get the most out of your Brightspace data. Whether you’re already building out your data access solution using the data hub or you’re wondering how to get started, we have sessions that meet you where you are on your data journey. You’ll also be able to offer feedback using our brand-new Self-Serve Analytics product as well as learn where we’re going next with our Insights™ tool dashboards.

Attendees can schedule individual time with subject matter experts to ask questions. You can even bring your own code or system design and get help with your work, or use it to engage in lab activities.

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User Experience Research Lab

Signup: D2L.com/UXResearch

As part of our product development process at D2L, we regularly consult with clients and non-clients to inform our product decisions. This helps us better understand our users so we can create products that transform learning.

Join us for one of our research studies. Some are designed to better understand your challenges and needs as faculty and instructors and help us plan our projects, design features, and interfaces. Other studies focus on testing user interfaces we’re designing or have already built to help us make our platform more intuitive for users. We’ll also leave a few minutes at the end for you to share general feedback you have about your use of Brightspace.

When you sign up for our participant database, we’ll contact you periodically to invite you to participate in a particular study. Each invitation will include a link to a calendar, so you can find a time slot that works for you. Sessions usually take an hour, and we offer a reward for your participation as a token of our appreciation. A team in North America provides the sessions in English and we do our best to accommodate different time zones. We occasionally send short surveys afterward, with a reward offer to thank you for your feedback.

If you have any questions about our User Experience Research Program or our participant database, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at ux@D2L.com.

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