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Advancements in technology are creating new approaches to teaching, training, and learning. Today, we are better able to reach every learner, and emerging technologies will enable us to do more tomorrow. We are focused on the technologies that have the highest potential for impact.

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  • The excitement around AI and ML grows as they are applied to solve more complex problems. The potential opportunities for teaching, training, and learning are bounded only by our imagination, but the implications of the expected data collection and consolidation cannot be ignored. How do we harness the power of AI to help people learn more effectively, while maintaining a high standard for data privacy?

  • This subset of machine learning has many specific possibilities — from allowing people to use their voice to interact with learning platforms or enabling virtual agents (or chatbots) to help speed up workflows, to saving time on assessments and providing insight into the work being assessed. How can we use the insight NLP generates to make learning better?
    D2L Labs has partnered with top universities in Canada to collectively research and explore solutions for some of the largest challenges in learning that we see on the horizon.

  • Distributed ledger technologies, such as Blockchain, Ethereum, IOTA, or Hashgraph, have the potential to enable new business models for learning. DLT can also make it easier to share expertise and earn recognition. How else could a decentralized infrastructure be leveraged to give learners a chance to achieve more?

  • We have seen exciting possibilities for the use of XR technologies (virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality) in teaching and training – from taking middle school students on travels to wondrous places to engaging in real-world first responder training in a virtual environment. The possibilities are limitless, but more needs to be done to determine how valuable they are to the learning process, and the impact they might have on learning outcomes. What possibilities do you see for these immersive experiences?

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