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Our projects come in many sizes — each exploring ideas that transform the way the world learns. Explore some of our past projects below. For more information on any of these projects, contact us.

  • Hoppit

    Using artificial intelligence (AI) to mitigate risks and discover opportunities for future career path planning.

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  • Loop

    Using natural language processing (NLP) to provide more insight into how feedback given may be received.

  • Vrightspace

    Exploring immersive virtual reality (VR) integration with Brightspace with a VR-optimized view into courses and content.

  • Workload Analytics

    Modelling workloads to help students plan their term/program and administration to manage their course /program design.

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  • BrightspaceBot

    A natural language chatbot for Brightspace.

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  • QuickerLinks

    A quick “garage” style project that uses a web browser extension to give learners quicker access to their learning materials.

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  • Easy Essays

    Using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to streamline and improve the grading process.

  • Ethertificates

    Exploring distributed ledger technology (DLT) and smart contracts to build a network of trust that validates the authenticity of credentials earned.

  • Homepage Messenger

    A real-time communication channel for quick interactions within a course, available via the course homepage or a mobile app. Findings from this project helped inform our Activity Feed for Brightspace.

  • Noodler

    Leveraging machine learning (ML) and principles of learning science (e.g. distributed practice, practice testing and self explanation) to accelerate learning via a digital notebook. Findings from this project helped inform the Annotations feature in Brightspace Assignments.

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