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Using artificial intelligence (AI) to mitigate risks and discover opportunities for future career path planning.

Hoppit, a proof of concept developed by D2L Labs, explores how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to help people navigate their career in the face of the fourth industrial revolution.

Hoppit uses AI to show users the expected impact of AI and automation on their current job and gives them options for career transitions that utilize their existing skills, knowledge, and abilities. Users can plan their own careers, or work with their manager or direct reports, and take advantage of the insights that Hoppit provides to pursue opportunities not previously considered and mitigate the adverse impact of automation.

Key Ideas

  • Understanding the risk of automation

    Helping users understand the impact of automation, while showing future prospects of a given career or career path, enables them to plan better for any changes and transitions.

  • Make each step of the journey easier

    In addition to identifying opportunities and suggesting next steps, users have access to a list of necessary skills and knowledge so they can identify the gaps and be prepared to re-skill or up-skill.

  • Applicable at any time

    Hoppit is useful when planning career changes (while currently in the workforce), as well as when planning a new career path (when entering or re-entering the workforce).

  • Themes

    Learning in 2030

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  • Technologies

    Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

  • Status

    Proof of Concept