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A natural language chatbot for Brightspace

BrightspaceBot, a prototype developed by D2L Labs, enables users to use natural language questions and commands to get their Brightspace content. Its extensible design allows it to be connected to a variety of popular chat platforms.

BrightspaceBot allows users to type in a variety of questions about their course content and get answers immediately. It also saves time for users by pushing out a stream of activities/updates from across all of their courses.

Key Ideas

  • Natural engagement

    While the goal was not to convince users that BrightspaceBot is a real person, a conversational approach makes the experience easier and more engaging.

  • Proactive notifications

    BrightspaceBot sends users notifications for important events and updates, with the ability to tailor those notifications.

  • Built-in support

    BrightspaceBot has a built-in help system that makes it easy for users to get started and understand its capabilities.

  • Themes

    Learning in 2030
    Leveraging Learning Spaces

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  • Technologies

    Natural Language Processing

  • Status