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A quick “garage” style project that uses a web browser extension to give learners quicker access to their learning materials.

QuickerLinks, a prototype developed by D2L Labs, makes accessing your Brightspace courses and materials quicker and easier. It is a web browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that shows which courses have updates and provides direct links to important learning activities.

It also has keyword shortcuts for administrators to easily access Manage Users, the System Log, and the Config Variable Browser (limited by user permissions).

Key Ideas

  • Easy course access

    Users can see which courses have been updated without having to navigate away from their current page.

  • Assignment schedule

    Users can see upcoming or overdue assignments that have not been completed, and quickly navigate to the submission page.

  • See recently viewed content

    Recently viewed course content is listed to let users revisit topics of interest.

  • Themes

    Learning in 2030

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  • Technologies

    Natural Language Processing

  • Status

    Prototype Open Source (Apache 2.0)

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