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Partner on Applied Research

There are multiple ways that your organization can partner with D2L Labs: D2L Labs Network, D2L Innovation Guild, and Project Collaborations.

D2L Labs Network
  • Is your organization exploring innovations in learning? Are you interested in connecting with others with similar interests from around the world?

    D2L Labs wants to connect your organization’s labs groups or innovation centers to a broader network to encourage community thought-sharing and problem-solving.

  • Does your organization want to tackle some of the biggest challenges in learning that organizations will face in the next 5, 10, or more years?

    D2L Labs has partnered with top universities in Canada to collectively research and explore solutions for some of the largest challenges in learning that we see on the horizon.

  • Does your organization want to explore an idea? Do you have a project collaboration in mind?

    D2L has a long history of partnering with our customers on applied research. We can lead (or co-lead) projects, or we can be a participant on a project led by your organization.

D2L Labs Projects


Want to know more about the work we have done? Take a look at some of the ideas we explored and let us know if you want to connect on what we learned.

Get Connected

Have an idea that you would like to share or want to know more about what D2L Labs is doing?