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D2L: A Place for Learning, Growth and Flexibility

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Laura McJannet-Brogan

Client Sales Executive, D2L


I have been working at D2L for two and a half years and have never worked for such a supportive and flexible company. I’m often asked what it is that makes D2L such a great place to work, so I wanted to share my experience.

First, I am very passionate about the work I do at D2L in the higher education space. I have always felt very tied to our mission of transforming the way the world learns. But that’s not all that makes me who I am. I am very driven by the possibility of learning and growing within a company. I love finding time to learn in ways that help me in my current position, further my growth within the company, and also support my life outside of work. Having access to such a large depth and breadth of courses via D2L Wave is something that motivates me to keep on learning. D2L also gives us annual funding to take these courses, which tells me that my continual learning is important to the company as well. The best part is I don’t have to cram these courses into my evening and weekends. D2L gives me two paid days a year to take in order to take these courses. 

Second, I am a busy mom of two children in kindergarten and grade three. It’s always been important for me to ensure that I am present and engaged with my kids as much as possible as a working mom. Working from home, I am able to walk my kids out to the bus stop every morning and bring them back home at the end of the day. These moments make me so grateful that I can be dedicated at work without sacrificing my family time. Working at D2L also allows me to have the time to participate in my children’s school activities. This year, I went to the zoo with my daughter, visited an ecological pond with my son and spent an afternoon getting the school ready for a Valentine’s Day dance. This flexibility means that I can be involved with my kids in a really special way.

Getting to work at a company that encourages me to learn and grow, as well as have the flexibility and support to be the best mom I can be means the world to me. So, now when you ask, you’ll know why I love it here so much.

Written by:

Laura McJannet-Brogan

Client Sales Executive, D2L

Laura McJannet-Brogan is a Client Sales Executive at D2L located in Alberta. Outside of work, Laura loves spending time with her kids.