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Boomerang Corner: Find out Why D2Lers Love “Coming Home”

We get it—sometimes people want to move onto other challenges. But sometimes they also come back. Employees who leave and return are what we call boomerangs.

Celebrating Success: Push-Up Challenge

On February 1, 2024, D2Lers rolled up their sleeves, stretched out their arms, flexed some muscles and came together to support mental health across Canada.

What Do You Do for Work? Bring in Your Parents and Kids Day

Growing up, most of us probably got up in the morning, headed off to school, came home and went about our afterschool routines. While we were doing that, our parents were doing their jobs too. But what did they do?

The Inside Scoop: Adventures of a D2L Intern

Imagine being an intern, trying to figure out: “What excites me, who am I aiming to become and where do my passions truly lie?”

D2L Gives Back: One Small Idea Sparks Community Support

D2L's Employee Resource Group, Women in Action (WIN), in partnership with D2L Philanthropy launched a campaign to support local food banks this holiday season.

Meet a D2Ler: Meet the Women Who Embrace Equity at D2L

At D2L, we build and foster a culture where D2Lers are included, valued, heard and enabled to do the most impactful work of their lives.

Stepping Back In: Strategies for a Smooth Return to Work After Family Leave

After more than a year of enjoying (and enduring) the trials and tribulations that come with being a new parent, that inevitable moment arrives—the return to work. The emotions swirling...