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Boomerang Corner: Find out Why D2Lers Love “Coming Home”

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We get it—sometimes people want to move onto other challenges. But sometimes they also come back. Employees who leave and return are what we call boomerangs. Whether they’re looking for new ways to grow in their career or simply miss D2L, our door is always open.

Here’s what some of our recent Boomerangs had to say about returning to D2L:

  • Chris Ripley image
    Chris Ripley

    Director, Customer Success

  • Brielle Harrison image
    Brielle Harrison

    Senior Solutions Engineer Operations Specialist

  • Bunmi Adeboyejo image
    Bunmi Adeboyejo

    Early Talent Specialist

  • Anderson Borges image
    Anderson Borges

    Senior Proposal Manager

  • Mike Ruthven image
    Mike Ruthven

    Senior Software Engineering Manager

  • Richa Arora image
    Richa Arora

    Instructional Designer

  • Shelby Benson image
    Shelby Benson

    Project Manager

Also, we know moving on isn’t always easy. Here is what one of our D2L Alumni had to say about her time at D2L:

I’m wrapping up a long career at D2L. This was a career where I did my best. I learned a lot and I grew. More than that, I did this work alongside amazing people. And that’s why I stayed for so long. The mission of D2L attracts a certain type of person—people who want meaning in the work that they do and actually care about each other. That’s hard to walk away from. I’m happy with the connections and conversations I’ve had, the laughs and trials that were shared, and with this amazing chapter that was lived overall.

– Sylvie Beliveau, D2L Alumni

Check back regularly to hear more about why D2Lers “boomeranged” back to D2L. If you want to join (or re-join) the team, take a look at our open opportunities

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  1. Here’s what some of our recent Boomerangs had to say about returning to D2L:

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