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Podcast: Unpacking Blended Learning and Micro-Credentials with Dr. Mark Brown

Can blended learning help make professional development for educators more accessible? Is a micro-credential really a Trojan horse for disrupting “the 19th-century credentialing model” that we have? Find out on today’s episode of Teach & Learn.

How Brightspace Makes Teaching More Flexible

Learn how teachers can use release conditions, the Portfolio tool and the New Quiz Creation Experience to maximize flexibility in their class.

How Professional Development Can Lead to Salary Raises and Promotions

There are many reasons to pursue professional development. But one that speaks to most people: The opportunity to earn more and get promoted. Here are eight statistics that show how professional development can improve your earning power and career.

4 Ways D2L Brightspace Can Help Identify and Support At-Risk Students 

Discover how Brightspace uses data and personalized learning features to find and support students who may be at-risk.

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How Science Students Can Collaborate in a Digital World 

At D2L Fusion 2022, we spoke to Jen Alexander about the challenges students face when learning science in a digital environment and the ways she tackles these challenges at VHS Learning.

Higher Education Trends to Look Out For in 2023 

Check out the four trends in this blog post that could be making their presence known in the upcoming year.

Change for the Better: Wrapping Up 2022  

From having more opportunities to learn together to seeing a renewed need for upskilling and reskilling, 2022 was yet another year full of change. These are some of the themes that defined it.

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