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4 Ways D2L Brightspace Can Help Identify and Support At-Risk Students 

  • 2 Min Read

Discover how Brightspace uses data and personalized learning features to find and support students who may be at-risk.

Paige O'Grady Product Marketing Manager

Helping students succeed is the cornerstone of what we do as educators. With Brightspace, every instructor has access to built-in, actionable data to personalize the learning experience, automate check-ins and track student progress. Here are four ways Brightspace can help identify at-risk students and get them back on track. 

Personalize the Learning Experience With Release Conditions 

Create a custom learning path through your course with the automatic release of enrichment or remediation content based on learner achievement. Instructors can structure and gate course content based on triggers, allowing them to target students who need extra support without providing unnecessary content to students who don’t. 

See how part-time instructor Lindsay Shipman uses release conditions for her students.

Turn Powerful Data Into Actionable Insights With Data Hub 

Data is the fundamental building block in answering questions and enabling conversations around adoption, engagement, assessment quality and learning engagement. Turn data into actionable insights with Data Hub, a tool that allows administrators to pull over 100 actionable Data Sets. Data Sets can be filtered and then exported for further analysis in third-party tools. 

Automate Check-ins With Intelligent Agents 

Automate reminders to provide a helpful nudge to keep learners on track. Instructors can proactively reach out to students based on the triggering of conditions, such as being considered “at risk” or not having logged into Brightspace. These workflows will automatically take the first step when a student is struggling or disengaged. 

Explore Rich Visualizations in Class Progress 

View, compare and track class and learner performance at a glance with Class Progress. Instructors can access rich visualizations of how their students are doing and quickly identify those who are struggling. They can also drill down into individual student User Progress summaries, which display further detail on achievement within a course. 

Ready to see how Brightspace can help support your students? Request a personalized demo of Brightspace today.