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Episode 15 - Teach & Learn

How to Honor Student Voices in Higher Ed Spaces, with Kiara Williams

Join D2L for a chat about the importance of honoring student voices in higher education spaces with advocate Kiara Williams

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Episode Description

In today’s show, we’re flipping the script and shining the spotlight on student voice. Honoring student voices in the education experience can take many forms. It could mean involving students in decision-making processes on campuses, recognizing them as agents of change within their own learning communities, and so much more. But one thing is clear: when institutions take the time to embrace and listen to the people they serve, it not only creates a more inclusive and equitable environment for all students, but also has the potential to revolutionize campus culture. 

To discuss this topic further, we welcomed Student Voice Advocate, Kiara WilliamsKiara and Dr. Ford chatted about:

  • What is truly meant by the term ‘student voice’
  • Why honoring student voices can help make higher education institutes more equitable and inclusive
  • Two strategies for ensuring that student voices are heard
  • Advice for educators and college administrators on creating a culture that honors student voices

Show Notes

01:06: An introduction to Kiara Williams

02:43: What does student voice really mean?

04:13: What honoring a student’s voice day-to-day looks like

06:03: Kiara shares thoughts on her journey to becoming a student voice advocate including some of the challenges she’s encountered

08:27: How student voice can help make higher education more equitable and inclusive

11:13: Kiara shares the best strategy for ensuring that all student voices are heard

14:13: Tips on how educators and faculty members can honor student voices that leads to meaningful changes in teaching and learning

18:20: Kiara’s thoughts on what the best college professors do

20:11: How Kiara incorporates student voice into her work

26:03: Kiara’s advice for educators and college administrators on how to create a culture that honors student voice


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