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Take Your Data From Collecting Dust to Driving Results

Learning Analytics helps you track progress, identify challenges and make data-driven decisions. We’ve simplified our approach in how we provide Learning Analytics services to your team. We offer comprehensive analytics support that caters to both basic and advanced needs. Our goal is to help you achieve success by aiding with visualizations, dashboards, enablement and other value services.

Kyron Purdy

Drowning in data yet thirsty for meaningful insights? You’re not alone in this dilemma. 

Across industries and institutions, data strategy is crucial to reaching organizational goals. But it’s more than just about collecting it; it’s about transforming it into actionable insights that impact education and outcomes on every level.  

According to research by MicroStrategy, 95% of employers say that data science and analytics are skills that are hard to find. 

That’s why our Learning Analytics team is here to help. With various levels of support available, we can assist you wherever you are in your data journey. 

Partnering for Success  

Whether your organization is just beginning to dip its toes into the world of data and analytics or has fully integrated advanced analytics into its core culture, our team of experts is ready to guide you to the next level. We can answer your questions, create custom visualizations, provide enablement for your team or even become an integral part of your long-term operations. 

Discover the Perfect Fit

Let’s take a closer look at the different packages available. 

Kick-Start Your Journey 

If you’re just getting started with analytics or simply want to ask questions of a learning analyst, our Enablement Packages are designed for you. Receive top-notch guidance and support from the experts who possess the most knowledge. It’s the perfect option to kickstart your analytics journey and get answers to your burning questions. 

Evolving and Lasting Assistance 

For those seeking evolving and lasting assistance, we offer a 12-month Partnered Package. Get ongoing support from a dedicated, reliable resource. Based on your needs, we can create custom reporting to help you get the information you need and communicate it to stakeholders. This package ensures you have a consistent and dependable partner by your side throughout your analytics journey. 

The Best of Both Worlds 

The Hybrid Packages combine the benefits of our enablement and partnered approaches for a shorter amount of time. Our three- and six-month packages were built to help you become self-sufficient while getting your data strategy running smoothly. It’s the ideal choice for organizations looking to strike a balance between learning from experts and achieving self-sufficiency. 

We had a goal to support students and their engagement at a program level, with a vision to provide academic advisors real-time data. The experience with [Learning Analytics] allowed us to take what we created, remove manual processes, and formalized it. We were able to create [dashboards and visualizations] in a scalable way across the university and provide support to a broader [number] of students than before.

John Wyatt
University of Dublin School of Veterinary Medicine, Project Manager, UCD LEAP 

Picture This

Let’s step into a familiar situation that often challenges organizations. We’ll explore how partnering with a learning analyst can be the game-changer you’ve been looking for. 

Imagine you’re the dean of academic affairs at a prestigious higher education institution. You’re facing a significant challenge: gaining insights into student struggles and identifying opportunities for educational improvement. As someone in the early stages of data exploration, you’re encountering various obstacles too, including: 

  • stale and overwhelming data 
  • limited expertise with relevant tools and strategies 
  • difficulty finding the right talent for support 

Recognizing the need for expertise and guidance, you’ve turned to Brightspace’s Learning Analytics team. Here’s how they can transform your institution’s data landscape: 

Solutions: Our Learning Analytics team works closely with you, tailoring solutions to your institution’s unique needs by providing: 

  • powerful data for educators and advisors, offering insights into student progress at both program and individual levels. 
  • custom visualizations highlighting opportunities to enhance programs and, consequently, student and institutional success. 
  • streamlined processes and systems for understanding and leveraging data, paving the way for institutional growth and student achievement. 

By partnering with Learning Analytics experts, you overcame your challenges and gained invaluable insights into student struggles and growth opportunities. These insights can fuel data-driven decisions that positively impact student success and the overall quality of education provided by your institution.

Ready To Transform Your Data Story?

Don’t let your data collect dust any longer. Contact us today, and let’s start on a journey of data-driven success together. Your organization’s brighter future begins here. 

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Org Level Data and How to Work with the Learning Analytics Team

Join us for the third and final part of the Data Series to learn about D2L’s org-level data tools and how the Learning Analytics team can help take your organizations data strategy to the next level.

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Written by:

Kyron Purdy

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Table of Contents

  1. Partnering for Success  
  2. Discover the Perfect Fit
  3. Picture This
  4. Ready To Transform Your Data Story?

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