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Deliver High-Impact Interactive Learning Experiences With Creator+

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Creator+ within D2L Brightspace empowers teachers to create engaging, interactive learning experiences quickly and efficiently. By using ready-made templates, teachers can wow their learners in a flash right on their course page. This blog provides examples of how Creator+ can not only take student engagement to the next level but save teachers time and resources as well.

Teachers are feeling more pressure than ever to have engaging content for their students to interact with and learn from. New educational tools pop up every year and teachers face the same questions again and again: 

  • Should I use this new tool? 
  • Am I using too many tools already? 
  • How can I simplify but keep my lessons high quality? 

With Creator+, a high-impact course-building tool, teachers now have the ability to create engaging content that’s specific to their classroom context directly in the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) powered by Brightspace. The workflows and design have the familiar feel of the VLE, and content from the VLE can be directly published to Creator+. 

In this blog post, we’ll look at three advantages when teachers use Creator+. 

High-Impact and Engaging Content

Interactive activities aren’t necessarily hard to come by nowadays, but just because something is on a screen doesn’t make it interactive or high quality. With Creator+, you have the power to use visually appealing templates that have interactivity baked in and insert the content that your students need to be successful in their learning.

Instead of having to mix and match different lessons or tools from different websites, you’ve now got the gadgets and gizmos of multiple sites in one place. 

Video content is another way to make your content high impact for every student no matter where they are learning. By easily embedding your own videos—whether they are of you directly instructing or just a screenshot video to walk students through visuals—students still interact with you through the digital lesson. Remote learners and absent students will have full access to lessons from you. Plus, the videos you create this year can be reused, giving you more time to create supplemental or differentiated activities in the future. 

Efficient Lesson Planning and Execution

With ready-made templates, Creator+ beginners are well supported to take their first steps into transforming their teaching. No coding experience is necessary to take the content needed for a lesson or a unit and turn it into various interactive activities that are visually appealing and educationally sound.

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A computer and a tablet showing the D2L Brightspace interface.

Creator+ has the same, familiar workflows as the VLE, making first steps much less intimidating for a new user. There are tips for creators in every template and tool, so you’ll be supported every step along the way. You can also reduce complexity by creating and publishing right from the VLE—gone are the days of managing two systems. 

If efficient and engaging lesson building is a short-term goal for teachers, building those lessons into units to reuse year after year might be the long-term goal. When you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with each new group of students, you have more time to connect with students and give meaningful feedback. Since activities and lessons carry over from year to year with Creator+, you don’t need to worry about your hard work getting blocked behind a new paywall or lost in a digital cloud. 

It’s easy to think that if you make one lesson in Creator+, you’ll have to commit to making the rest of the lessons in the unit (or the year!) in Creator+ too. But remember that it’s okay to start small, gain confidence, get answers to your questions about creating in Creator+ and build slowly over time. 

In Creator+, you can master a single tool without sacrificing quality and without having to run to the next tech tool of the week. 

Simplified Student Experience

Students of all ages have a difficult time managing multiple logins, passwords, interfaces and user experiences when it comes to websites and tech tools. 

Since Creator+ is housed within the VLE, you’re saving time and energy. By not having to problem-solve for student logins, Creator+ paves a smooth road from Brightspace to interactive learning. 

The interface of Creator+ mirrors that of Brightspace, so students will be familiar with the look, feel and design. Without flipping between different websites and tools to make sure students know how to get to where they need to go, more time can be spent on active learning and working toward mastery of curriculum expectations. 

Practice activities give students the chance to work with the content without leaving the browser. They can go back to review what they’ve read or watched, giving them a single place to learn, interact with and check their understanding of the content you provide. 

It’s Time to Wow Your Learners

Engaging young minds is not an easy task in education. But highly engaging content doesn’t have to be difficult to create. With Creator+, your expertise is turned into experience as your students are introduced to interactive activities that are personalized to their classroom setting. And it doesn’t come with the cost of more time using more tools. Are you ready to create high-impact content and a seamless student experience? 

To discover more about how Creator+ can help with creating engaging, interactive learning experiences, log in to the VLE today.

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  1. High-Impact and Engaging Content
  2. Efficient Lesson Planning and Execution
  3. Simplified Student Experience
  4. It’s Time to Wow Your Learners