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Episode 4 - Teach & Learn

How to Manage Teacher Burnout with Amber Harper

Join us for episode 4 of our podcast, where we discuss how to manage teacher burnout with Amber Harper.

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Episode Description

Burnout. We all know it exists, but just how bad is it amongst educators? Well, according to a 2022 Gallup poll, K-12 teachers in the United States experienced the highest levels of burnout out of every other industry surveyed. When you take a global pandemic, throw in emergency remote teaching and pair it with educational cuts and historically low salaries, it’s no wonder those in the educational space are struggling. 

But what can we do about it? To discuss this topic further, we welcomed Amber Harper. Amber is an educator, Google-certified trainer, author and the founder of Burned-In Teacher, a community she created to help teachers overcome burnout. Amber and Dr. Ford discussed:

  • What burnout is
  • The three main reasons burnout occurs
  • What administrators and school districts can do to better support education workers
  • How teachers can take back control of their careers

Show Notes

01:52: Amber shares why burnout is different for every teacher and the three main reasons why it happens.

06:19: Amber discusses a bit of her own teaching background and her experiences with burnout.

10:39: How burnout is different now than it was before the pandemic.

14:48: How teachers can be better prepared if burnout hits.

21:42: What Amber did when she reached a tipping point in her teaching career.

28:42: Why Amber decided to go back to the classroom.

33:01: Advice for teachers struggling with burnout.

40:36: What’s next for Amber.


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