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D2L Survey Finds Corporate Leaders Using Technology Platforms to Help Close Skills Gap

D2L’s Addressing the Skills Gap Webinar Survey Reveals Key Trends that may be Advancing and Impacting the Corporate Market

Press Release

D2L, a global learning technology company, today announced the results of its February 2022 Addressing the Skills Gap webinar survey. In this survey, D2L polled 140 corporate leaders across North America—including executives, directors, and managers in learning and development, workforce development, career services, and more—to better understand how organizations are addressing evolving industry needs and ways to help with closing the skills gap.

Survey responses suggest that:

  • the effects of the Great Resignation seem to be divided, affecting specific industries differently than others
  • AI and machine learning will likely play a significant role in the future of work
  • the most significant way organizations have been tackling the skills gap is through providing access to learning through technology platforms

“We’ve been talking about skill shortages and the future of work for some time, but now we need to help build a path forward—and that’s not something any of us can do alone,” said Ken Chapman, VP, Learning Innovation Advocacy at D2L. “Organizations must take a close look at what’s happening with their own teams, businesses, and industries. It comes down to striking a balance—developing solutions that reflect unique needs and circumstances of the business and using the right tools to help develop in-demand skills and create resiliency for employees in an ever-changing world.”

Do you believe your organization has felt the effects of the Great Resignation?

Do you feel that your leadership views learning as a critical investment for the organization?

What is the most significant way your organization is actively addressing the skills gap?
49.2%—Providing access to learning through technology platforms
24.2%—On-the-job learning opportunities, apprenticeship or mentoring programs
11 %—Allocating funding for tuition reimbursement
8.6%—Investing in recruiting and managers’ coaching skills
7%—Partnering with educational institutions to provide a pathway for new graduates

Which “future of work” technology trend do you anticipate will accelerate fastest in the years ahead?
38.5%—AI and machine learning
28.2%—Big data, or “Data as a Service”
17.9%—HR technology to close skills gaps
10.3%—Robots and automation
5.1%—Blockchain for credentials management

For in-depth analysis and visuals related to this survey, please view D2L’s webinar survey report here.

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