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D2L Celebrates Asian Heritage Month


D2L’s Employee Resource Group, the BIPOC Employee Network (BEN), presented a lunch and learn to celebrate Asian Heritage Month. BEN is designed to create a community for BIPOC D2Lers and allies. BEN offers a network of support and a platform to raise awareness, advance the agenda, and develop communication and educational resources that will lead to great respect and inclusion for all D2Lers.  

During the Traditions and Cultures of Asian Lunch and Learn, our very own D2Lers from various Asian countries shared their stories about common traditions and cultural practices. The topics included history, food, traditions and more from Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka, Oman, Bangladesh and India. The goal of this event was to develop awareness and educate D2Lers about diverse cultures and traditions within Asia.  

It’s commonly said that food brings people together. Panelists shared some of their favorite foods, including dishes like phở, kothu roti, chè ba màu, pani puri, dim sum and gỏi cuốn.  

The discussion continued with people sharing photos and stories of their favorite and most memorable traditions. Celebrating weddings and births was a common theme, from the 100—day new—born celebration in Vietnam to the 31—day celebration in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, people also celebrate a baby’s first tooth with a ceremony, and a saree ceremony is often held for women coming of age. Ramadan, Eid and Holi bring joy to those who celebrate. In China, Red Pocket Money (Hong Bao) and lion dancing (Fo Shan lion) in the Dianjing ceremony were exciting highlights.  

To continue the learning and celebration of Asian Heritage Month, the BEN Committee organized a book club for D2Lers to collectively recognize the contributions and diverse stories of all those who can trace their roots back to east, southern, western, central and southeast Asian countries. 

Through it, D2Lers will come together to discuss the books and open their eyes to the stories of several Asian authors who share their experiences of sacrifice, discrimination, stereotypes and struggle—but also the beautiful culture, diverse foods, rich traditions from so many different Asian countries.  

If you want to get involved and learn more, check out the books included in the book club.  

Check out D2L’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging page to learn more about how D2L is committed to building and fostering a culture where our employees feel included, valued, heard and enabled to do the best work of their lives.

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