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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging at D2L

We believe diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging strengthen innovation and are pivotal in helping continue to build great products, solve important problems and better serve the needs of our clients, educators and learners globally. We strive to create a company where our employee population is reflective of the communities D2Lers live and work in as well as our clients and users.

Mission Statement:

At D2L our mission is to transform the way the world learns. We believe learning can be accessible, engaging and inspiring. To help us in achieving our mission, we are committed to building and fostering a culture where our employees feel included, valued, heard and enabled to do the best work of their lives. We look to attract, hire, develop and celebrate the achievements of talented individuals who bring diverse perspectives and lived experiences.

5 Action Pillars

Data Driven

Collect and report on diversity data across several diversity characteristics to help us identify and action areas of underrepresentation as well as employee sentiment as it relates to diversity and inclusion at D2L.

Training and Enablement

Deliver training opportunities aimed to enhance employee and manager knowledge and expectations specific to diversity, inclusion and belonging topics such as unconscious bias, allyship, discrimination, bullying, harassment, bystander accountability, and anti-racism.

Inclusive Hiring

Building a more diverse team and inclusive culture at D2L isn’t just about who we hire, it’s about how we hire. This pillar focuses on actions that positively support our ability to attract diverse candidates to apply and reduce biases in all stages of the recruitment process.

Awareness Building

Drive activities to enhance manager and employee awareness of diversity, inclusion and belonging related topics throughout the company by sharing resources and best practices, building, and supporting employee resource groups and participating in activities to support community partnerships.

Internal Reviews

Continuous review of our People process, policies, and programs to ensure they are inclusive and reduce potential biases.

Recruitment Programs

For any questions regarding our hiring practices please reach out to [email protected].

Inclusive Job Postings

All job descriptions at D2L are reviewed for inclusive language, ensuring we are mindful of gendered language and language that would be exclusionary.

Standardized Interviews

Every candidate goes through the same set of interviews and are asked the same questions to ensure candidates are assessed by the same people and against the same competencies and requirements.

Diverse Interview Panels

It is important to us that the people that interview you are reflective of our D2L population and the people you will work with; we want you to see yourself in our teams and working here!

Job Boards

To ensure our jobs are attracting people with a wide variety of experience to D2L we post our roles on diversity and inclusion specific job boards.

Accessibility Accommodations for Interviews

We have a prompt in our interview requests to make our team aware of accommodation needs during our process. Some accommodations include; providing questions in advance, adding time to an interview, conducting a phone screen via zoom to provide speech-to-text capabilities etc. Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can ensure your experience is a positive one!

Applicant Tracking System Capabilities

The Applicant Tracking System we use (Greenhouse) has intentional methods to provide an inclusive interviewing experience by providing candidates with the option to record the pronunciation of their name and add their pronouns. Greenhouse also provides nudges to interviewers of how to avoid unconscious bias during interviews.

Internal Programs

Enablement Sessions

Hiring Managers and interviewers have the opportunity to attend enablement learning sessions lead by our Talent Acquisition team to discuss best practices and tips for interviewing, social media, the recruitment process and LinkedIn, all while keeping diversity and inclusion top of mind.

Day 1 Orientation

Our Day 1 Orientation includes a session dedicated to discussing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging so that D2Lers keep it top if mind in their day-to-day work and are aware of resources available.

Courses With a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Focus

Ongoing learning is a strong value at D2L, and we provide employees with the chance to take Diversity and Inclusion related courses through our Catch the Wave program.

Mental Health Resources

Our Employee Assistance Program provides employees access to various resources including therapists and other mental health professionals. We encourage employees to ensure they are taking care of themselves and feel able to bring their authentic selves to work.

Attending Events

We participate in career fairs and other events across different communities, such as QueerTech Career Fair, TechNova, CANCWIC and more.

Partnerships With Clubs and Associations

Our Early Talent team partners with clubs and associations with a focus on diversity and inclusion at post-secondary institutions across Canada. We attend events, provide resume and interview training sessions and connect them with D2Lers for panel events.

Ukraine Fast Track Program

During the conflict in Ukraine, D2L had a fast-tracked application process to find impacted individuals roles at D2L and assist them in getting settled in Canada.

Employee Resource Groups

D2L is continuing to make an effort to add more ERGs to ensure all employees feel connected, represented, and heard.

IDEA - Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Allyship


  • IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Allyship) is an employee-led, company-supported initiative with a mandate to actively create a more equitable, inclusive, and safe space for all BIPOC employees at D2L. Our mission is to create awareness for the experiences of BIPOC D2Lers while enabling a culture of allyship that supports equity in the professional growth and development of all D2Lers regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, and gender or sexual orientation. IDEA will enable community and network building, education, celebrating, and elevating BIPOC D2Ler voices.

    • Leadership Panel with D2L Leaders who shared their personal lived experiences on being BIPOC in tech and at D2L.
    • Lunch & Learn sessions for significant days/events D2lers celebrate
    • Workshops or Partnerships with teams/ERGs/External organizations
    • Webinar with an external DEI consultant, Colleen James.
    • Poetry Reading with Aisha Sasha John


  • The D2SLGBTQ+ committee is an Employee Resource Group dedicated to the creation and maintenance of a safe and positive work environment for all. The committee champions 2SLGBTQ+ needs in the workplace, provides training resources for managers as well as employees and also leads social opportunities like lived experience panels and get-togethers.

    • Queer Connects – a chance for folks to socialize, chat and have a space to discuss the topics most important to them.
    • Lived experience pride panel – a space for D2Lers to shares their stories and help build understanding and connection with their coworkers.
    • Committee meetings – where committee members put together resources to help introduce managers to queer related topics, language, and context
Women in Action

Women in Action

  • To build an inclusive community that provides support for women to demonstrate and build their leadership skills​ and create awareness around opportunities and barriers women face in the workplace​, so that D2L has a culture where women can bring their best selves to work and build vibrant ed tech careers.

    • Connect women and allies at D2L to create a powerful network of champions.
    • Help educate our colleagues about opportunities and barriers facing women in the workplace.
    • Highlight women in leadership at D2L and across D2L partners to further demonstrate what is possible when we come together.

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