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D2L Careers


The Sales team are fundamental to our business growth and hold a strong knowledge of our business, products and our brand. In short, they are the face of D2L. Interested in learning more?

How does Sales make an impact at D2L?

The impact of each sales team member is unique and valued, each person contributes to the revenue growth of our business and is aligned with our business mission therefore enabling success for D2L as well as a personal feeling of accomplishment.

Our sales team is a global team and are dotted all over the world, from North and Latin America, to the UK over to Australia, yet they still work in harmony with each other. The approach our team takes is supportive and nurturing to the clients needs.


  • Puneet Arora

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Mudit Garg

    Senior Vice-President, Revenue

  • Adam Moore

    Senior Vice President, Strategic Accounts

  • Elliot Gowans

    Senior Vice President, International

  • Meera Vignarajah

    VP, Customer Success

  • Lee Poteck

    Senior Vice President, Sales & Customer Success

  • Max Staines

    VP, Enterprise Sales

  • Ben Campbell

    VP, Solutions Engineering

Interested in learning more about a career in Sales at D2L?