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D2L Careers


The Sales team are fundamental to our business growth and hold a strong knowledge of our business, products and our brand. In short, they are the face of D2L. Interested in learning more?

How does Sales make an impact at D2L?

The impact of each sales team member is unique and valued, each person contributes to the revenue growth of our business and is aligned with our business mission therefore enabling success for D2L as well as a personal feeling of accomplishment.

Our sales team is a global team and are dotted all over the world, from North and Latin America, to the UK over to Australia, yet they still work in harmony with each other. The approach our team takes is supportive and nurturing to the clients needs.

It’s exciting to be working in an emerging field in tech at D2L  – Solutions Engineering Operations – because I am constantly being exposed to new and exciting opportunities to grow my skills and innovate. I can directly see the impact my onboarding and enablement work has on my department, which is incredibly rewarding. My teammates are amazing, supportive, and so, so smart – it’s a rare day at D2L when I don’t learn something new! 

– Brielle Harrison, Senior Solutions Engineer Operations Specialist

I’d say D2L is a fairly unique place to work. I always thought 5 years at one company was my limit, yet here I am 7.5 years later still enjoying it as much as ever. The culture is one of collaboration and selflessness and there is no better example of this than in EMEA where our team of 50+ people all work in unison towards a common goal, each willing to go the extra mile to help colleagues across different departments. Being a learning company there is also a major focus on staff development which means you are constantly learning and progressing in your career. I would recommend D2L to anyone looking for a company striving to be a force for good, where your voice will be heard (no matter what level/department you come in at) and where you’ll be given the tools to better yourself.

– Stewart Watts, VP, EMEA Sales

Working for D2L has developed my skills in so many areas including problem-solving, developing a customer-centric attitude and in continuously thinking of new ideas to build trust and relationship with customers. I joined D2L 2 years ago, where each day has been inspiring, motivating and challenging, which has helped me develop professionally and as a person. D2L’s vision of transforming the way the world learns by making education accessible to all – across all abilities, geographies and ages, is what inspires me to be a part of this company, and it resonates deeply with my values as well. I feel very proud of the wonderful team we have formed, all dedicated and committed, working hard to make sure our customers’ are successful. What I enjoy most about working at D2L and especially the CSM team is the dynamism of work, supportive colleagues & team-spirit, great work life balance, and amazing leadership. 

– Preeti Varadarajan, Team Lead, Customer Success


  • Lee Poteck

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Elliot Gowans

    Senior Vice President, International Sales

  • Max Staines

    Senior Vice President, Enterprise Sales

  • Meera Vignarajah

    Vice President, Customer Success

  • Michael Beattie

    Senior Vice President, Education Sales

  • Ben Campbell

    Vice President, Solutions Engineering

  • Dr. Cristi Ford

    Vice President, Academic Affairs

  • Stewart Watts

    Managing Director, EMEA

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