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D2L Careers
Engineering and Product

Our Technology, Engineering, Design and Product groups work to scale and develop the company's industry-leading learning solutions. The team operates on a three-legged stool model consisting of Developers, Product Managers, and Product Designers to collaborate to work on a product roadmap and develop a world class Learning Management platform.

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How does Engineering and Product make an impact at D2L?

Our development teams are working with innovative technology stack using AWS (Amazon Web Services) tools and microservices along with following two-week agile sprints to ensure timely delivery of the product. Our product team enables departments across D2L to make data driven decisions and follow industry best practices to do the best work of their lives.

Platform Development

The Platform group consists of a wide variety of teams that support the performance of the Brightspace learning platform, its data products and the integrated solutions that contribute to the broader partner and client ecosystem.


We enable our teams to deliver their features in the Brightspace platform by ensuring that they have all the necessary infrastructure, observability tools, delivery pipelines and cost models in place. We do this by designing, developing, and maintaining automations for building, testing and deploying our software onto our critical infrastructure components, as well as tracking the overall cost and health of our system, mitigating any issues and scaling effectively.

Furthermore, with a deep understanding of our application and how it interacts with our infrastructure and Cloud services, we are making the Brightspace application more performant, more secure and use a smaller footprint by taking advantage of the latest advances in Cloud computing. We do this by making transformational changes to our application, such as adding multi-tenancy, interfacing with Cloud-native backends, and the capability for deployment into Cloud-native compute mechanisms.

User Experience Development and Design

The User Experience Development and Design (UXD) team focuses on users. With a deep empathy for learners and educators, they build experiences that foster lifelong learning for everyone. UXD includes our product design, user research, and accessibility specialists. It also includes teams building our core web platform and activity model, core experiences, strategic differentiators, targeted solutions, emerging solutions, and mobile applications.


The Information Technology team partner with stakeholders to deploy services and technology that will enable D2Ler’s to increase productivity, communicate, and securely share and store information to achieve D2L’s business goals.

Information Security

The Information Security team at D2L has a mandate to ensure the security and privacy of information/data related to D2L’s products, services and employees.

We work to ensure we are protecting the availability, integrity and confidentiality of D2L’s services and data by taking an active role in preventing potential security threats, resolving active security incidents, and improving our security practices.

Product Operations

Product operations exists to help D2L sustainably deliver on commitments – providing practices, processes, tools, and data needed for teams to do the best work of their lives. The department also leads product planning and launches, building cross organizational bridges so that we operate as one D2L.

Corporate Program Management

The Corporate Program Management Office (PMO) is comprised of charismatic leaders who passionately and relentlessly drive key business outcomes through some of D2Ls most complex initiatives. The PMO ensures a coordinated, company-wide approach to successfully execute a highly complex cross-functional portfolio of high profile, high impact programs.

Product Management

Our Product Management Team builds and launches products with our partners in development and design. Our product development teams are organized to have a Product Manager, Development Manager, and Designer leading efforts together in what we call a “Three-Legged Stool.” This team of leaders has autonomy to organize and execute their work in the way that works best for their team, the product, and the market. Teams are encouraged to find user problems and solve them, to use data in their decision making, and to ensure that teams are happy, healthy, and productive. We strive to foster an environment where ideas can be challenged openly, where teams have the safety to try something new, where failure is treated as a learning opportunity, and where everyone comes to do the best work of their lives.

Release and Transition

There are two main functions on this team – Release and Client Transition. Overall, the objective of the team is to support bringing new products, features, and fixes to the market, and to help transition customers off of legacy products and services onto new solutions.

Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence (BI) team enables data driven decisions across D2L, makes data more available and accessible, and supports employees with their data needs. While BI is an internal facing team, some of their data supports external facing services and products (e.g. Pulse, Salesforce). They offer assistance with getting data, accessing data, and data consulting.

Unique Activities or Events

One important way our Technology, Engineering, Design (TED) teams are #ExcellentToEachOther is by being curious and learning from each other. There are so many ways to get involved in TED to learn more about colleagues, strengthen your skills, and take advantage of opportunities for professional development. Below are a few unique activities that our development teams run on a timely basis.

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer occurs twice a year and allows developers to catch up on issues that need to be fixed (e.g. bug fixes). Dragon Slayer helps to ensure the health and wellbeing of our technology assets and allows individuals to become experts in the code that you own or learn more about code lines that you don’t normally work with.

Inspiration sprints

Inspiration also occurs twice a year and gives developers an opportunity to become creative. Developers are given the freedom to test ideas, post their ideas on internal portal, and work with other developers from any team. After the two weeks, some ideas are run by the Product Management and Development teams and may get’s implemented!


InFUSION started in 2015 and is our annual internal conference in TED. It is three jam-packed days that brings together all members of TED for peer-to-peer learning, team building, collaboration, reflecting and celebrating our accomplishments! It has grown to include Product Management and a few others who support the TED group.

The goal of the conference is to share experiences from our talented team members across all departments in our organization through face-to-face conversations and networking.

The conference includes external keynote speakers and hands-on workshops, breakout sessions across several streams – technical, business, management, etc.

TED Onboarding

New Software Developers and Testers participate in structured technical training and ‘getting started’ onboarding. This is typically a 5-day program, with a mix of synchronous and asynchronous leaning.

Product Management Quarterly Offsite Meetings

During these meetings, our team takes time to learn from each other, either in small chunks as “Five Minutes Flares” or in larger presentations. We invite guests both internal and external to join. Most recently, our team learned about more effective and faster decision making from an expert in organizational behavior, heard the career story of our VP of Solutions Engineering, and learned about some automation changes coming to one of our documentation processes.


Stephen Laster headshot

Stephen Laster

Chief Operating Officer

Nick Oddson headshot

Nick Oddson

Chief Technology Officer

Christian Pantel headshot

Christian Pantel

SVP, UX Design and Development

Melissa Crouch headshot

Melissa Crouch

VP Product Operations

Juno Jesuthasan headshot

Juno Jesuthasan

VP, Information Technology

Tanya Chisholm headshot

Tanya Chisholm

Senior Director, Client Transitions

Jeremy Weinstein headshot

Jeremy Weinstein

Senior Director, Program Management, Corporate PMO

Dana Frigula headshot

Dana Frigula

Senior Director, Business Intelligence

Matt Campbell headshot

Matt Campbell

VP, Cloud Platform

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