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Engineering, Product and Design

Our Technology, Engineering, Design and Product groups work to scale and develop the company’s industry-leading learning solutions. The team operates on a three-legged stool model consisting of Developers, Product Managers, and Product Designers to collaborate to work on a product roadmap and develop a world class Learning Management platform. Interested in learning more?

How does Engineering, Product and Design make an impact at D2L?

Our development teams are working with innovative technology stack using AWS (Amazon Web Services) tools and microservices along with following two-week agile sprints to ensure timely delivery of the product. Our product team enables departments across D2L to make data driven decisions and follow industry best practices to do the best work of their lives.

Engineering Team

Product Team

Unique Activities or Events

One important way our Technology, Engineering, Design (TED) teams are #ExcellentToEachOther is by being curious and learning from each other. There are so many ways to get involved in TED to learn more about colleagues, strengthen your skills, and take advantage of opportunities for professional development. Below are a few unique activities that our development teams run on a timely basis.

Dragon Slayer
  • Dragon Slayer occurs twice a year and allows developers to catch up on issues that need to be fixed (e.g. bug fixes). Dragon Slayer helps to ensure the health and wellbeing of our technology assets and allows individuals to become experts in the code that you own or learn more about code lines that you don’t normally work with.

  • Inspiration also occurs twice a year and gives developers an opportunity to become creative. Developers are given the freedom to test ideas, post their ideas on internal portal, and work with other developers from any team. After the two weeks, some ideas are run by the Product Management and Development teams and may get’s implemented!

  • InFUSION started in 2015 and is our annual internal conference in TED. It is three jam-packed days that brings together all members of TED for peer-to-peer learning, team building, collaboration, reflecting and celebrating our accomplishments! It has grown to include Product Management and a few others who support the TED group.

    The goal of the conference is to share experiences from our talented team members across all departments in our organization through face-to-face conversations and networking.

    The conference includes external keynote speakers and hands-on workshops, breakout sessions across several streams – technical, business, management, etc.

  • New Software Developers and Testers participate in structured technical training and ‘getting started’ onboarding. This is typically a 5-day program, with a mix of synchronous and asynchronous leaning.

  • During these meetings, our team takes time to learn from each other, either in small chunks as “Five Minutes Flares” or in larger presentations. We invite guests both internal and external to join. Most recently, our team learned about more effective and faster decision making from an expert in organizational behavior, heard the career story of our VP of Solutions Engineering, and learned about some automation changes coming to one of our documentation processes.

What I enjoy most about my role at D2L is driving impactful initiatives and collaborating with talented people to solve complex problems. The diverse range of projects, which present their own unique challenges, provides me with the opportunity to constantly improve and develop my skills as a project manager and leader of change. 

– Yasemin Ozderya, IT Services Manager

I started at D2L in 2008 as a Junior Developer. Over the years, I’ve been given the opportunity to follow my interests, work on different teams and projects, use different technology and learn new skills. Each change let me grow my abilities, gain new skills, leverage my strengths and uncover all sorts of new areas for personal and career growth.  While my career at D2L has never felt stale or dull, it’s the incredible folks I get to work with combined with the exciting prospect of making teaching and learning better for everyone that kept my interest for 15 years. 

– Eric Knutson, Senior Principal Software Architect

When I first joined D2L as a software developer coop I was blown away by the phenomenal level of support and mentorship I received. D2L is an environment that embodies the joy of learning. I am encouraged to ask questions, stay curious, and I am given endless opportunities to grow in my skills as a developer. Now, as a full-time developer, my managers, and colleagues are incredibly supportive of my goals to advance in my career. D2L is a fun, welcoming, and exciting place to work 

– Emily Andrews, Software Developer


  • Stephen Laster image
    Stephen Laster


  • Nick Oddson image
    Nick Oddson

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Christian Pantel image
    Christian Pantel

    Senior Vice President, User Experience Design and Product Development

  • Rajesh Talpade image
    Rajesh Talpade

    Senior Vice President, Product Management

  • Melissa Crouch image
    Melissa Crouch

    Vice President, Product Operations

  • Juno Jesuthasan image
    Juno Jesuthasan

    Vice President, Information Technology

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