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D2L Careers

Early Talent

Whether you are looking for a Co-op opportunity or your first job out of school, D2L is a great place to build your career growth! Contributing to a product with impact, you’ll be able to learn from industry professionals and learn new technology!

What Makes Co-op at D2L Different?

What Makes Co-op at D2L Different?

At D2L you’ll have the opportunity to translate the skills learned from school into real-world projects that impact millions of learners around the globe. Kickstart your career with opportunities in Kitchener, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver and remotely across Canada.

Why Co-op at D2L?

D2L is a great place to work as a recent graduate. I’m provided with lots of opportunities to learn and expand my skillset as a Software Developer. Even after multiple co-op terms here, I continue to find new and exciting things to dive into. One thing that I love about working here is the people. Everyone is nice, welcoming, and always open to helping. Another thing that I value are the mentorship opportunities, even in a remote setting. Diljot Garcha Software Developer, UX Development and Design, D2L
After enjoying two co-ops at D2L, I decided to continue my career here as a New Grad software developer. I really enjoy the responsibility and challenges I can tackle on a daily basis, with a great support network of senior mentors to help me grow. D2L has been vital in helping me advance my career goals and I can’t wait to see what problems I can help solve in the future! Annabel Segall Software Developer, UX Development and Design, D2L
I started at D2L as a co-op student and was hired into a full-time role right as I graduated. As a new grad, it was important to me to find a place to work where I would be given lots of opportunities to learn and my career could grow, at a fun, mission-driven company that I could believe in with an awesome team. I have found all of that and more at D2L. Julia Mamone Talent Acquisition Associate, D2L
Check out New Graduate jobs at D2L

Check out New Graduate jobs at D2L

The first job of your career is an important decision, and at D2L we value the skills you bring and balance that with setting you up for success as you begin your journey.

Starting your career at D2L

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Winter term: September
    Spring term: January
    Fall term: May

  • Most of our co-op roles are 4 months, with a few roles being 8 months +.

  • D2L does prefer that you are in an official co-op program, but as long as you are a full time student able to work 40 hours a week and enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary institution, please apply.

  • Yes, you have to be a student to apply for our co-op roles, but if you are not a student be sure to check out our New Graduate roles here.

  • We are recruiting for New graduates all year long, but the majority of our roles are posted in September for start dates the following year.

  • No! We are all about what you can culture add vs culture fit; we encourage you to apply to any role you are interested in.

Co-op Interview process

Co-op Interview process

We know that Co-op interviewing can be a daunting process, so we have setup our interviews to be collaborative and a sneak peek into what it will be like to work at D2L. Most of our Co-op jobs only have 1 interview round that allows both you and the interviewer to know if you would be a great addition to the D2L team!

  1. Apply
  2. Interview for 30 – 45 minutes with a D2Ler
  3. Receive an offer
  4. Background check and Documents
  5. Onboarding
  6. Do amazing work

New Graduate Interview Process

The choice of where you start your career is an important milestone, and D2L wants to make sure that our interview processes give interviewers a chance to learn about you and your amazing skills, and for you to learn about what makes D2L awesome!

Each team’s interview process may vary slightly, but generally, this is what you can expect;

    1. Apply
    2. Phone Interview with a member of the People and Culture team (resume review)
    3. 30 minute Technical Interview (in whatever coding language you are most comfortable in!)
    4. 3 hour interview
      • 1 hour technical (round 1)
      • 1 hour technical (round 2)
      • 1 hour with Hiring Manager

    1. Apply
    2. Phone Interview with a member of the People and Culture team (resume review)
    3. Hiring Manager Interview
    4. Peer Interview
    5. An Assessment: Scenario/Presentation/Take Home Assignment
    6. Senior Leader interview

Interested in Applying For a Co-op or New Grad Opportunity?