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The Inside Scoop: Adventures of a D2L Intern

Imagine being an intern, trying to figure out: “What excites me, who am I aiming to become and where do my passions truly lie?”

These were the questions on my mind as I navigated the co-op scene, seeking the ideal role, company and vibe. It’s all about uncovering the opportunity that aligns with your style and propels your career ambitions into action.

Luckily, I stumbled upon D2L’s open co-op roles and found “people and culture coordinator,” a fantastic blend of HR, people operations, employee relations, DEI and more.

Since I began this journey, I’ve recognized it as a fantastic space filled with ample chances for learning and development, particularly in a field that aligns with my passion: employee engagement and revolutionizing how the world learns.

So, now you want the inside scoop. What does a D2Ler intern do in their day-to-day life?

7:30am: Wake up, eat breakfast, hang out with my kittens and pack my things so I can head into the office. The spacious and modern look at HQ is a great source of motivation, and being situated in a business complex comes with plenty of perks like ample parking, diverse food options and various work spots. We have a coffee machine and tea bot, too, to help you get your morning fix.

8:30am: I log into my laptop and action tasks that are part of my role, ranging from managing our inbox to help support employee inquiries to designing a webpage in our HRIS system and coordinating projects across different teams, all while contributing to our people-centric culture. Whatever the task may be, one thing is clear—I am making an impact on employees, systems and services. What more could I ask for?

Coffee machine

10:30am: Dive into learning mode. In a co-op term, there’s a ton to absorb, and what better way to understand your role and the company than by shadowing people? I make it a priority to schedule sessions with my teammates to level up my skills and learn as many processes as I can during my time here.

D2L office space with table and chairs at foreground

11am: Sync meeting time. Our team holds weekly meetings to keep each other in the loop on our major projects and challenges and chat about how we can help support each other. It’s a great way for us to stay connected as a team.

12pm: Lunch time. Hanging out in HQ is a blast—we’ve got a fully stocked kitchen, snacks, and a bunch of comfy spots to grab a seat. Check out my spot of the day.

12:30pm: Project mode activated. Right now, I’m putting the finishing touches on a survey. I want to know directly from the team what kind of training they’d prefer from the systems and services side of PnC. Are they into mastering dashboards, picking up AI tips and tricks or diving into organization strategies? It’s all about getting the scoop straight from the source.

2pm: Meeting with the co-op social committee. What’s another perk of becoming a co-op at D2L? The atmosphere. Our social committee plans events and activities to keep things fun and collaborative throughout the term. Think games, coffee chats and more.

3pm: Practice round. Every quarter, our team gathers for learning sessions, sharing insights with each other. Next month, I’m stepping up to the plate to talk about workplace confidence. To nail it, I’m gearing up by running through the presentation in a meeting room. Fun fact, we have lots of rooms in HQ with cool names including Bloom, Leaf, Maple, Oak and Petal to name a few.

3:30pm: Quick cooldown break. To reenergize, I like to take a 10–15-minute breather, strolling around the complex or hitting up the games room for a speedy round of foosball. The HQ game room is a treasure trove—complete with darts, ping pong, Wii, arcade games, board games and more.

4pm: Meetings galore. For my last hour, I’m joining a meeting with our IT team to communicate project updates and collaborate on next steps. I appreciate the cross-functional nature of D2L, where even though you belong to one team, you can collaborate with diverse and unique teams, gaining insights from various perspectives.

A desk with a computer and calendar on it

5pm: Finishing up my day. I enjoy reviewing my schedule to see what awaits me tomorrow, so I’ll take a glance at my calendar. Here’s a fun suggestion: Adding some personal decorations to your desk to make the space more enjoyable and reflective of your personality.

Cheers to wrapping up another day packed with challenges, victories and lessons. Embrace the uncertainties, savor your successes and remain prepared for the exciting next chapter in your journey. Cheers to the unique value that being in a co-op brings—making personal and professional development a ride worth taking. 🚀✨

Written by:

Ciara Fletcher