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My Experience as a New Grad at D2L

My journey to D2L began when I was finishing my final paper for my undergrad. I received a text from a friend, “Nicky! D2L is hiring for an HR contract- I think you should apply!”

As I ironically submitted my final paper into the Brightspace drop box, I was giddy about my upcoming interview to work at the company that was integral to my undergraduate education.

Flash forward to my first day, I remember being so nervous. I was worried about demonstrating my knowledge in a world where I had little to no experience. I had the theoretical knowledge from my education, but so little work experience. What could I possibly contribute?

The first time I realized the answer to that question was in one of my first team meetings; the team was going around the room contributing ideas about an ongoing project. I figured they would just skip me, after all I just got here and I’m a new grad so I don’t have much to draw on. My turn came and my leader turned to me and said “Nicky, what do you think? We’d appreciate a new perspective.” I voiced my opinions and to my surprise not only were they echoed as valuable, they were implemented.

Now don’t get me wrong, there were areas I was missing context, techniques and skills I needed to learn, and questions I needed answers to as a new grad and new employee. But my gaps in knowledge and interest in learning was always met with coaching, webinars, job shadowing and any other tools I felt I needed to be successful in my role.

D2L’s approach to new grad’s is one that sees the potential and worth of fresh perspectives and challenging the status quo, while at the same time recognizing areas of growth and setting you up for success to do the best work of your life.

I am valued, I am coached, I am heard, I am given room to grow and make mistakes and I am given opportunities to demonstrate my leadership capabilities.

Entering the workforce after school is challenging, but D2L perfectly balances supporting your growth, and highlighting your worth from day 1.

I am lucky enough to get to tell this story every day in my role recruiting Co-ops and New Grads on the Talent Acquisition team. Connect with me! I’d love to tell you all about it!

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