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Welcome to the next generation mobile learning experience – learning that simply works for today’s modern learner. The Brightspace platform’s award-winning1 mobile experience is optimized to maximize productivity for people on-the-go while providing a complete learning experience that works on any device. Staying connected to learning has never been so convenient and engaging!

Mobile Apps that Ignite Learning on the Go

#1 rating for student apps in both the Google and Apple app stores.

Our mobile apps were created based on hundreds of design sessions with users to help students and instructors be more productive. They’re optimized to make it super-easy to complete the tasks that people want to tackle quickly while on-the-go and, as our app ratings show, our users love them!

Students see what’s up next in class, check grades, look at content, and instructors can easily grade – all with offline access and notifications to stay on track. If users are looking to do more, they can launch into the full experience from their phone without having to sign in again. Optimized to display beautifully on any screen-size, there are no sacrifices when accessing Brightspace from a phone.

“The Brightspace platform allows our instructors to deliver content in multiple formats to multiple devices; PCs and a variety of mobile devices. Devices our students use every day.”

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Four Mobile Devices Displaying Features of Pulse
Pulse Mobile Rankings for Apple and Google

An App that Students Love

Rated by students as the best student mobile app, Brightspace Pulse makes it fun and easy for learners to stay on top of the work they have coming. With a visual to show upcoming activities, learners can use Brightspace Pulse to plan their week – knowing when they really have to buckle down. They can track upcoming assignments, access course content online or offline, submit a discussion post, take a quiz, access grades, or view their course activity feed.

It’s easy to stay up-to-date with app notifications for new content and upcoming due dates, an activity feed of course announcements and active discussions that the student is following. We know that seeing a grade can be a stressful moment. Students can choose to reveal their grade whenever they choose.

We spent years connecting with students on campuses to find out what matters the most and designed Brightspace Pulse with a growth mindset to reduce anxiety and build confidence with friendly feedback and messages.

We have sustained the #1 rating for student apps in both the Google and Apple app stores because we built our apps optimized for the most frequent activities students need to do while on-the-go.

Feedback from Students:

  • “Excellent app, it’s a lifesaver for students with busy schedules.” – A Google User Mar 21, 2019
  • “Pulse is GREAT! It is making college life so much easier!!” – Mar 18, 2019
  • “I never rate apps, but if you use Brightspace get this app! My favorite feature is in the “upcoming” section, I can see what is due for all of my classes by date. It is more than helpful. Thank you creators!” – A Google User Mar 11

An App for Quick & Easy Grading On-The-Go

Brightspace Assignment Grader is a mobile app that makes it easy for instructors to grade both offline and on the go. It gives instructors access to assignments and in-line tools to grade and provide important contextual feedback, using tools such as rubrics, outcome or standards assessment, in-line annotations, freehand notes, and audio or video commentary.

“This is a great app. Makes marking and annotating easy. I can sit on the couch @home and mark in comfort rather than having to be parked in front of my computer.” App Store Review: Outback Max, Sept 23, 2018.

Image of Brightspace vs Competitors

Uncompromised Learning that Works on Any Device

Our mobile apps were created based on hundreds of design sessions with users to help students and instructors be more productive. You work hard to deliver world-class learning experiences – don’t let your technology compromise that work. Once someone is ready to dive in, they will have complete access to anything in Brightspace no matter what device they’re on, without being tethered to a desktop. The reason they can do this is because Brightspace is the only LMS that adapts to the screen size by using responsive design–the same modern architecture that industry leaders such as Google, Amazon and Pinterest use.

Some platforms may claim they are mobile-friendly, but you can only access parts of the site on a mobile phone. Look at other learning platforms on your phone that use the three-column layout of the past. It just doesn’t work on a phone, and results in the web and app experiences being inconsistent and inaccessible.

Brightspace adapts automatically to fit the screen of the device being used without comprising the learning experience. The same experience across multiple devices means faster and easier adoption and usage for you and your learners. And that’s critical in reaching todays modern learner because studies have shown that students study on average 40 minutes longer on mobile devices than on desktops and finish course material 45% faster!2

Better mobile experiences for you and your learners

Other LMS vendors don’t support mobile browsers, which means that students must have the latest device to use their separate app. With Brightspace, everyone gets a consistent experience across browsers and apps.

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No horizontal scrolling or pinch and zoom. Our design just works on any device!

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We’re able to deliver one experience because we built it from the ground up as a single responsive platform, allowing us to deliver solutions and innovations to our customers faster and with higher quality because we’re only building once.

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Get the same gorgeous experience whether you’re accessing the platform from a desktop or mobile device.

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No matter what device a student has or can afford, he or she has the same user-friendly access to learning through mobile browsers, which removes potential barriers to education.

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Upload video and audio right from your phone!

Don’t Take Our Word for It

We know that the quality of the mobile experience is best realized through hands-on testing, so try it out. Try using both Brightspace and our competitors’ platforms from a mobile browser – or launch into our responsive design from our Pulse mobile app with single sign-on. We are confident that you’ll love what you see with Brightspace. If you care about reaching every learner on any mobile device – then D2L is your platform. Reach out to us at

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