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Creating a Blended Learning Environment Using D2L Brightspace

Utilizing a digital space to support face-to-face learning continues to be an integral part of a modern learning experience. D2L Brightspace is a robust and secure online learning platform for blended learning experiences that help all students reach their potential.

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What Is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is the method of using digital tools, such as D2L Brightspace, to support and enrich learning in face-to-face classrooms. There are various blended learning models, but all incorporate the effective use of technology in an instructional setting to elevate the student experience.

Support Student Well-Being

Focusing on learning and social-emotional skills such as self-regulation, organization, and responsible decision-making can help support academic success and the overall well-being of students.

  • Class content is available for students to view anytime and anywhere. They can refer to the material to support in-class work or even after the lesson has taken place, giving them multiple opportunities to review.
  • Students can see all their upcoming and overdue assessments with the Work To Do widget. They no longer rely on copying their daily tasks from the blackboard to their agenda, and upcoming work can be shared with parents and guardians to coach self-regulation and time management from home.
  • D2L Brightspace is optimized to work with a variety of technology that can be used in the classroom as well as to support student and group work.
  • Students don’t need the latest smartphone to get optimal results. If a student must be away from school for a day, they can still access all the things they would be doing in class, reducing anxiety related to being absent.
  • Teachers can use the Awards tool to provide positive reinforcement for learners or help them track their progress. Awards can be automatically or manually released based on tasks completed in D2L Brightspace or in the physical classroom.
  • Multiple options for differentiated instruction can be set up for students, such as flipped classrooms or project-based learning.
Brightspace Work to Do Widget
Brightspace Content in Tablet and Mobile

Create Personalized Learning Experiences

Every student has unique needs, and personalization takes time. Leverage D2L Brightspace tools in your blended classroom to help create and support differentiated learning experiences. Let the tech do the work so you can focus on the teaching.

  • Release Conditions automatically release content or assessments based on achievement or to specific learning groups. Students can work on a personalized learning pathway or unlock extra items to support the work they are doing in class. Student groups can receive small-group activities or work on learning centers specific to their needs, with teacher oversight.
  • Accommodations for students with varied needs allow for flexibility of instruction and activities in the classroom. This makes it especially simple to manage exam or testing accommodations in bulk for a classroom—students who finish early or on time can continue to work digitally on their device, while others allotted more testing time can continue to work on their quiz.
  • Celebrate diverse ways of learning by incorporating resources and assessment activities that can use multiple modalities of learning, including text, video, and audio.

Deliver Diverse and Transparent Assessments

Teachers can easily assess student achievement in a variety of ways and leveraging digital tools can make it even easier to provide timely feedback.

  • The Portfolio app is a safe and secure way to facilitate shared device use in the classroom. Students can share their progress, reflections, and learning experiences; then, teachers can review, approve, and provide feedback tied to rubrics and expectations.
  • Dynamic rubrics incorporate multimedia feedback, the can empower younger learners, enabling emerging readers and writers, and supporting differentiation. You can also easily assess in-person activities, such as oral presentations, with D2L Brightspace Assignments and Rubrics.
  • Students can track their progress over time on in-class and online activities with the User Progress tool. Teachers and students both have access to the same learning progress feedback to facilitate student-teacher or parent conferences.
Brightspace Activity Feed

Simplify Teacher Workflows

Common teacher tasks, such as communicating with students and parents and grading assessments, can be made more efficient.

  • Communicate with students using Activity Feed or Announcements, with messages published right away or in advance. Share pre-work prior to a lesson, send a field trip reminder, or ask students to share their reflections with the class (while practicing digital citizenship!) as an exit card activity at the end of a lesson. Students can access this engagement tool outside of the classroom and easily share it with parents and guardians.
  • Using Quick Eval, teachers can access a single list of all work to be assessed, including in-class and online items. This can help teachers ensure feedback is always prioritized and delivered in a timely manner. It can also minimizes the number of heavy boxes of student work that need to be lugged to the staff room or home to grade!
  • Intelligent Agents can be used to send automatic reminders to students before an in-class presentation, assignment due date, or test. Teachers will be notified and can see which students may require some extra individual support.

Streamline Communication with Parents and Guardians

Improve communication among teachers, parents, and guardians by offering them a window into the classroom.

  • D2L Brightspace Parent and Guardian is a tool that can allow authorized caregivers to log into D2L Brightspace to see classroom activity on a browser or mobile app.
  • Teachers can share a student’s work with feedback, inform caregivers of upcoming deadlines, and communicate classroom events.
D2L Brightspace for Parents and Guardians screenshot

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