Performance Plus

    Giving teachers in virtual schools the tools they need to improve student outcomes through data-driven teaching.

    Screenshot of adaptive learning features within Performance Plus for K-12 schools

    Personalized learning paths for every student

    Adaptive learning automatically identifies where knowledge gaps exist for each student, and creates personalized learning paths to help close them.

    • Our adaptive learning tool automatically links the learning objectives, content, and quiz questions a teacher has already created for a topic or chapter.
    • Based on how each student progresses in their adaptive learning paths, the system presents content to help shore up knowledge gaps.
    Screenshot of the built-in predictive analytics for teachers

    Better results for under-performing students

    Predictive analytics help teachers identify students who need help, and makes it easy to proactively reach out to offer help before formal intervention is required.

    • Intuitive dashboards transform learner data into easily-identified patterns of engagement and performance.
    • Integrated workflows allow teachers to quickly reach out to students who are under-performing or disengaged before they have to ask for help.