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Saying Thanks and Lending a Hand

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Day 1 of the Toronto Office at the Parkdale Community Food Bank

At D2L, we often talk about the importance of doing good and giving back to the community. In fact, we each get two volunteer days every year. Recently, a group of us got together in the Toronto office and decided to turn words into action by volunteering at the Parkdale Community Food Bank. With the overwhelming response to help, we had to organize two days of volunteering in order to accommodate all of the employees who wanted to participate and avoid overwhelming the small food bank store front. For the first day, a group with nine of us embarked on a journey of giving, learning and making a positive impact in our local community. 

Parkdale Community Food Bank by the numbers

  • Over 6,000 families served each month (a 400% increase since the start of COVID) 
  • Distributes 6–9 tonnes of food each week  
  • 15 years of operation serving the local Parkdale Community 

A Day of Passion and Collaboration

The Parkdale Community Food Bank is organized into a store front, with visitors being welcomed into shop to pick up goods as they need. On a crisp Friday morning, our team gathered bright and early at the Parkdale Food Bank. We were welcomed by Scott, Dan and Rosemary—a dedicated group of staff and volunteers who shared their mission to fight hunger and poverty in the neighborhood. It was a humbling experience to witness the incredible work being done by this organization.

Sorting, Packing and Seeing Smiles All Around

Our day began with unloading boxes and sorting and packing bulk boxes of eggs into smaller packages. From dried pasta to canned beans to fresh oranges and bread, we carefully followed the direction of the staff to ensure that everything was ready to be distributed to those in need.

Katie and Mandy getting ready to repackage the bulk boxes of eggs for distribution
Parmiss, Kajaal and Oscar with their assembly line of boxes to move goods inside

A Connection With the Community

One of the most heartwarming aspects of the day was the opportunity to interact with the staff and volunteers who witness the day-to-day operations of the food bank’s services. While cost of living has always been a challenge in a city such as Toronto, since the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for food banks has grown to new heights. Handling the boxes of food, it was an important reminder of the challenges that many in our community face. 

The Power of Teamwork and Compassion

Our experience at the Parkdale Food Bank reinforced the significance of community engagement and the power of teamwork. Volunteering together not only brought our office team closer but also strengthened our connection to the local community.

A team photo of the D2L volunteers with the Parkdale Food Banks staff

Take the First Step

Our day at the Parkdale Food Bank was a memorable experience and, while we have another group of volunteers coming back for October 27, we are already in talks of planning the next one. We had so much fun working together and helping how we could. We are grateful for the opportunity to have served at the Parkdale Food Bank.

But why stop there? If you’ve felt the power of community, empathy and teamwork during your volunteer experience, consider taking the next step with us. We’re actively looking for dedicated individuals who are passionate about making a difference. Check out D2L’s career page for open roles and your next step.

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Table of Contents

  1. A Day of Passion and Collaboration
  2. Sorting, Packing and Seeing Smiles All Around
  3. A Connection With the Community
  4. The Power of Teamwork and Compassion
  5. Take the First Step