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D2L Gives Back: One Small Idea Sparks Community Support

D2L’s Employee Resource Group, Women in Action (WIN), in partnership with D2L Philanthropy launched a campaign to support local food banks this holiday season.


Inspired by their recent experiences at the Toronto Parkdale Community Food Bank, senior strategic communications director Mandy Lam and product manager Jackie Guan identified a need to fill a gap in donations to food banks.

While volunteering at the Toronto Food Bank, the food bank staff highlighted the strong need for menstrual products, diapers and other necessities that are much needed but not commonly donated to food banks, such as cleaning products, toilet paper, toiletries and other non-food items. The volunteers walked away from that experience wanting to take action and knew the D2L community would want to help.

That’s when WIN and D2L Philanthropy joined forces to organize the donation campaign. This global campaign encouraged D2Lers to make donations of menstrual products, diapers or cash in office locations, as well as online. Non-perishable food items were also accepted. D2L Philanthropy pledged to match financial donations as well.

Within 3 days, D2Lers surpassed the fundraising goal, but that doesn’t mean the donations stopped. As part of this campaign, along with the overall 2023 D2L Gives Back campaign, D2Lers around the world donated multiple days of time and effort, monetary funds and products to a variety of community-based organizations that support individuals facing food insecurity. In total, D2L donated $15,000 and 247 lbs of much-needed products for food banks globally.

At D2L, we believe that a mission-driven company needs mission-driven people. Enriching the places where we live and work starts with supporting the well-being of the people with whom we share those places. Our community of D2Lers are passionate about strengthening the well-being of the surrounding communities. If this resonates with you, why not read more about D2L Philanthropy or check out our career opportunities?

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