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Boomerangs Are Meant to Return

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I began #LifeAtD2L in 2012 on the Teaching and Learning Strategies team with the amazing Ken Chapman, VP, learning innovation advocacy. I loved the work I was involved in and was able to evolve and grow into other sales support positions over a five-year span. When I left D2L, it had nothing to do with D2L, and everything to do with taking a risk. 

Fast-forward to February 2021 when I would re-join D2L and find my way back home. Yes, home. Over my tenure at D2L, I have experienced a sense of belonging that I never found elsewhere. When I had to endure chemotherapy in 2015, my D2L family was right beside me cheering me on from afar. When I lost my mother in August of 2021, I had the same support as I did during my original tenure.   

Group photo of the team wearing purple in support of Barbra’s health journey 

Many companies speak of their culture. D2L walks the walk and doesn’t just talk the talk. D2L embodies a commitment to inclusivity, accessibility, wellness and growth. I have experienced their commitment to all of these throughout my journey at D2L. So, when I greet a new hire with “welcome to the D2L family,” I truly mean it. 

D2L has provided opportunities for me that exceeded my expectations. Originally, I was hired to support teaching and learning as my background was rooted in education and leadership. However, I was also able to grow my skill set in sales, marketing, strategy and so much more during that time. Since I returned and joined the sales enablement team, I have been given the freedom to leverage my instructional skills in my new role to create a comprehensive sales onboarding program. 

When John Baker says that D2L wants to make learning accessible to everyone, he means it. Whether you are an employee looking to grow or a student across the globe trying to access equitable learning opportunities, D2L is committed to helping make those dreams a reality. 

As the saying goes,“(D2L) how do I love thee? Let me count the ways,” and there are so many. 

Watch this video to hear what others have to say about D2L as well.

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