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The Power of Brightspace Community: Connecting, Collaborating, and Innovating

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Alex Schaefer

Community Specialist, D2L Brightspace Community Team


In today’s digital age, organizations like D2L are going beyond creating innovative products and services; they also act as hubs of knowledge, collaboration, and community. One of the pivotal tools aiding this interconnectedness is the community website. These platforms serve a myriad of purposes, all geared towards fostering collaboration, empowering peers, enhancing customer support, and driving innovation.  

Why Community?


Courses, tutorials, webinars and knowledge articles are an integral part of our Brightspace Community and Learning Center. These resources – like Brightspace Guided Training or Customer Spotlights – help both our beginner and experienced clients enhance their skills, learn about the latest product developments, and stay updated with current industry ideology and trends. 


Our very own Brightspace Community acts as a vast repository of knowledge. It provides a platform for users, developers and product champions to share their expertise, troubleshoot issues and exchange insights. Our Discussions forum in the Brightspace Community is a primary example. The aim of the Discussions space, and the Community as a whole, is to create a supportive ecosystem for clients and D2Lers alike.  


Whether it’s a contribution to our Learning Center or Knowledge Base, community platforms like ours offer a space for industry professionals to connect and share with like-minded individuals, other creatives and fellow colleagues.  


For us, feedback is invaluable. Community websites serve as platforms for users to provide feedback on products and services. Feedback, such as the suggestions that can be found in our Product Idea Exchange, offers us the opportunity to identify issues, understand user needs and implement necessary improvements. This iterative process develops a sense of ownership for those who interact with our products daily. 

Find, share and connect in our Brightspace Community today! 

Written by:

Alex Schaefer

Community Specialist, D2L Brightspace Community Team

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