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Why Your K-12 District Needs an LMS Right Now 

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Stay ahead of the curve with a learning management system that truly supports student and teacher success.

Paige O'Grady Product Marketing Manager

With every passing week, it’s becoming harder and harder for district leaders to keep up with the demands of an ever-shifting educational landscape. Weary of constant disruptions to their learning, students have become increasingly more difficult to engage and retain. Outcomes and enrollment rates have plummeted, presenting funding challenges. Meanwhile, teaching staff are burning out, unable to make time for professional development and leaving the field at rates we’ve never seen before.  

Something’s got to give. District leaders need an all-encompassing solution.  

A Learning Management System That’s Built to Help  

We know there’s no silver bullet. If K-12 district leaders are ever going to meaningfully improve student success through personalized learning, support staff through professional development, and truly give parents a window into the classroom, it’s going to take hard work, a dedicated team, and the right tools to get the job done.  

D2L Brightspace is the teaching and learning platform built for schools and districts that want to deliver high-quality and engaging personalized learning experiences at scale. It’s a true ecosystem, not a cobbled together set of components unable to meet the diverse needs of educators, students and district leaders. 

With Brightspace, teachers and district leaders can: 

Support Student Success Through Personalized Learning  

  • Create personalized learning pathways with ease to authentically build on an individual’s strengths, interests and needs to accelerate continued development and enrichment.  
  • Implement an integrated curriculum to help support your teaching in the classroom and beyond.  
  • Promote student agency, equity and engagement through flexible learning options in terms of time, place and modality of schooling.  
  • Identify which standards learners may be struggling with, spot areas for growth or automatically surface enrichment opportunities for high performers. 

Support and Develop Staff Through Professional Learning  

  • Improve the professional learning experience by using the same platform your K-12 staff are already familiar with. 
  • Build personalized learning pathways to accelerate staff development and support effective teaching practice. 
  • Create professional learning communities, where teachers work collectively to reflect on teaching practices and learn by doing.  
  • Get an at-a-glance view of district or statewide activity—including courses assigned, completed, or pending—with the built-in dashboard and actively manage enrollments all in one place. 

“Parents know now that we can do things differently, they know we can be more flexible. This is going to become the new educational model of the future. LMSes are not a pandemic thing”

John VanWagoner, Superintendent, Traverse City Area Public Schools

Use Metrics to Drive Teaching and Learning Strategies That Support District Goals   

  • Help teachers and district leaders make better informed decisions with powerful analytic dashboards that provide deeper insight into learning activities and help predict at-risk behavior. 
  • Track progress by scanning a learner’s achievement across all standards and the overall level of comprehension of a learning outcome.  
  • Identify areas for growth and development, and evaluate the design and efficiency of your own lessons.  
  • Understand district platform adoption, engagement and results to help inform improvements. 

Engage Parents by Giving Them a Window Into the Classroom  

  • Give parents visibility into class schedules, course lessons, assignments and completion status, grades, announcements and events.  
  • Share students’ work with family and guardians in a single click.  
  • Provide parents with accessibility from any device, so even the hardest-to-reach parents can stay in touch.  
  • Use innovative ways to enhance teacher/parent communication and positively impact student outcomes, academic performance and graduation rates. 

Our mission is to partner with you to support your goals and align them with technology, encourage effective teaching and learning, and guide you through change. Learn more about how we support K–12 schools with solutions in Brightspace by booking a demo today.