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Episode 3 - Teach & Learn

An Inclusive Approach to Integrative Learning Design with Jarrett Carter

Join us for episode 3 of our podcast, where we discuss designing inclusive learning experiences with Jarrett Carter.

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Episode Description

In today’s episode, we got candid about designing fulfilling and engaging learning experiences, with accessibility at the forefront. We welcomed Jarrett Carter, Associate Vice President for Integrative Learning Design at the University of Maryland Global Campus. Mr. Carter is passionate about creating inclusive and equitable learning spaces that eliminate long-standing barriers for marginalized groups. Mr. Carter and Dr. Ford discussed:

  • How traveling through France forced Jarrett to think about how learning experiences are designed for students with differing capabilities
  • Why accessibility and diversity should be addressed at the start of designing new learning experiences
  • Challenging the definitions of neurodiversity
  • How Jarrett and his team addressed test-taking anxiety in one of their projects
  • The benefits and limits of universal design for learning (UDL)

Show Notes

  • 00:10: A brief intro to Jarrett’s background
  • 02:29: Why a trip to France was a bit of a light bulb moment for Jarrett with respect to the level of compassion shown to how we teach students from different backgrounds
  • 05:51: Why accessibility is not only an issue of compliance and why we need to take a proactive approach to designing learning experiences
  • 14:34: How the definition of neurodiversity has changed
  • 19:35: Why it’s so important for educators, principals and learning staff to not assume when it comes to the baseline access and knowledge individual students have
  • 23:15: The controversy around Universal Design Learning (UDL)
  • 29:01: The advice Jarrett would give fellow educators as they move through a post-pandemic world
  • 32:50: What’s next for Jarrett and how you can connect with him


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