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Product Tour: D2L Brightspace for K-12

A demo series designed for educators to get the most from Brightspace.


Level-up your teaching and learning with Brightspace

Experience the LMS that helps you unlock the potential of every learner

The K-12 Product Tour welcomes all educators to discover how Brightspace can help transform learning. Whether you’re currently evaluating learning management systems or are already using Brightspace in your district, join one (or more!) of our 30-minute demos and see what Brightspace can do for you.

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Product Tours

  • Recorded Webinar
    Save Time and Engage Learners Through Personalization With D2L Brightspace

    The time commitment and complexity of setting up personalized learning can be discouraging, but the tools in Brightspace are designed—with input from educators like you—to help streamline and automate these processes.

  • Recorded Webinar
    Provide Personalized Learning with D2L Brightspace

    Let’s dig into the ways D2L Brightspace can support you in this journey using tactics you can take away and start using.

  • Recorded Webinar
    Empower Your Staff With Flexible Professional Learning in D2L Brightspace

    Your district can overcome these challenges with D2L Brightspace by helping your teachers and staff receive professional learning that fits their schedules and is personalized to their unique needs and…

  • Recorded Webinar
    Professional Learning that Drives Results in D2L Brightspace

    Professional learning is a wonderful opportunity when it’s well organized and accessible. But oftentimes, materials become scattered and out of date, and it’s difficult to keep track of getting the…

  • Recorded Webinar
    Product Tour: Flexible Learning Paths with D2L Brightspace

    Schools often struggle to deliver more than a one-size-fits-all approach to education. But we know that one size doesn’t fit all. Access the tools you need to personalize learning at…

  • Recorded Webinar
    Adventure Product Tour

    Now, with D2L Adventure, Grade 1-9 teachers have both the practical tools and the curriculum-aligned, instructional materials they need to deliver effective digital learning experiences—all in one place. In-person, virtual…

  • Recorded Webinar
    Brightspace in the Face-to-face Classroom

    It’s no secret that the foundation of successful self-paced learning comes from preparation. But what is preparation, exactly? We find that focus is often on the high-level benefits of self-paced…

  • Recorded Webinar
    Engaging Younger Learners with D2L Brightspace

    Supporting younger learners with technology in the classroom can sometimes mean using a wide variety of apps and tools. As a district leader, you’re probably wondering how to provide equitable…