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Save Time and Engage Learners Through Personalization With D2L Brightspace

The time commitment and complexity of setting up personalized learning can be discouraging, but the tools in Brightspace are designed—with input from educators like you—to help streamline and automate these processes.

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30 Minutes

3 pm ET Virtual

In this session on August 1 at 3pm ET, we’ll go over the what, why, and how of personalization and automation in Brightspace. Get actionable takeaways you can use to: 

  • greet learners by their first name in coursewide banners, announcements and more by using replacement strings 
  • set up badges and certificates to be released based on achievements or actions 
  • catch learners before they fall by tracking their individual achievements and activity, and then reach out with personalized messages when needed 
  • provide timely and ongoing feedback by creating personalized intelligent agents that communicate with students based on criteria you set, like how they’ve performed on a quiz or if they’ve accessed content 
  • level up your feedback by adding audio or video as you fill in a rubric 
  • create remedial and extended content units that are automatically released according to student needs (and as a bonus, combine them with intelligent agents to give students extra instructions or a motivational nudge) 

Take personalized learning from a dream to reality with Brightspace.