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Provide Personalized Learning with D2L Brightspace

Students thrive when their unique needs and abilities are celebrated. But personalizing learning for large class sizes might seem unrealistic. When you have the right resources at your fingertips, implementing an approach like custom learning pathways becomes practical.

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Let’s dig into the ways D2L Brightspace can support you in this journey using tactics you can take away and start using.

  • Accommodate varying student needs: Assign assessment activities to specific students and allow extra time or additional attempts on quizzes in just a few clicks.
  • Offer student choice and empower student voice: Offering options for students to choose from is one way support their learning journeys. Just as technology lets people access and enjoy custom playlists, it can also empower you with the tools you need to easily create personalized learning experiences for your students.
  • Encourage self-reflection: Self-assessments provide students with dedicated time to reflect on their learning progress to better understand their learning preferences and gaps in their knowledge.
  • Provide authentic feedback: Give students feedback at the right moments that’s tailored towards their unique needs. The ability to leave coments at specific time stamps in videos, markup assignment submissions online and provide personalized, genuine feedback on Portfolio submissions sets you up to give authentic feedback.


Jean Jarick