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Season 1 Episode 8 - Part Two - The Skill Shift

Creating a Culture of Learning to Fuel the Future of Work | Steve Cadigan | Part Two 

Steve Cadigan shares tips and advice on how learning agility and humanity can help businesses navigate the modern workforce.

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How properly positioned employee development can outweigh salaries and bonuses


Where employers can begin when creating a plan for employee growth and development


How to shift to a work environment of 50% learning and 50% performing


Changes Steve has seen in the conversation on the future of remote work


The challenge of assessment with remote work


The future of work as an ecosystem model of partners and relationships


The details on Steve's latest book, Workquake and his future book


Looking for people who can learn over having the right skills


How people can differentiate themselves from new tech by being human

In today’s evolving workplace, employee development is challenging traditional compensation like salaries and bonuses. In the second part of this episode, guest Steve Cadigan, LinkedIn’s first CHRO and founder of Cadigan Talent Ventures, shares more insights on how investing in professional advancement is proving essential. Cadigan dives into his thoughts on remote work, the challenges of employee assessment and creating a work environment split between learning and performance. 

Tune in to discover how prioritizing learning agility and embracing humanity can navigate the modern work landscape. 


A headshot of Steve Cadigan.

Steve Cadigan

Founder, Cadigan Talent Ventures Read Steve Cadigan's bio
Headshot of The Skill Shift host, Malika Asthana.

Malika Asthana

Senior Manager, Strategy and Public Affairs Read Malika Asthana's bio
A headshot of Steve Cadigan with the text "The Skill Shift" over an image of people walking on a street.
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