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Parkland College Expands Partnership With D2L

D2L Helps in Freeing Up Time of College Administration and Faculty

Press Release

Global learning technology leader D2L announced today that one of its longtime clients — Parkland College — is further partnering with D2L after identifying a growing need for learning administration management support.

For more than 50 years, Parkland College has advocated for lifelong learning. They offer education options ranging from high school upgrading, skills training, trades and two-year degrees, and developing specialized programs in response to the community’s needs. Students at Parkland College can access a variety of programs from neighbouring higher education institutions, providing education opportunities close to home and without the worry about transfer credits.

Throughout the pandemic, Parkland College maintained close contact with D2L as their needs for support across faculty and students rapidly grew, and D2L’s 24/7 help desk support was there to assist. More recently, D2L’s Learning Administration Management services was implemented to provide administrative service on behalf of Parkland College to allow staff and faculty to redirect their focus to learning innovation.

“We’ve developed a lot of great friendships with folks at D2L. They listen, they understand, and they invite us to offer solutions,” says Lori Wendt, Instructional Technology Specialist at Parkland College. “D2L has heart! They care about the success and wellbeing of the students and faculty of Parkland College. By entrusting them to manage the tech and administrative support, the faculty and I can turn our focus to how we take learning experience to the next level.”

“Parkland College is an advocate for lifelong learning, breaking down barriers to access high-quality education, and we’re honoured to continue our partnership with them,” says April Oman, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience at D2L. “We look forward to continue working closely with them to support their needs and help them in their mission to provide innovative, learner-centred education as a foundation for student success.”

About D2L’s Brightspace

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