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D2L Innovation Guild

The D2L Innovation Guild is a program that encourages innovative project partnerships between D2L and its customers to solve challenges for teaching and learning organizations around the world. It is not an easy task, but an important and essential one.

D2L Innovation Guild Projects

D2L Innovation Guild Projects

Established in 2018, the D2L Innovation Guild has enabled multiple self-organized teams, consisting of researchers and/or teaching and learning administration personnel, to execute projects that align to themes that are top of mind.

Project Themes
Founding Members
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Project Themes

These are the current priorities of the D2L Innovation Guild.

  • Learning 2030

    What teaching and/or learning experiences will enable success for the next 5, 10, or 20 years? How can we create meaningful change to produce desired outcomes of those experiences?

  • Unlocking Learner Potential

    How can we leverage learning science, psychology and/or neuroscience to better support learners to achieve better results? What are the ethical implications in leveraging such techniques?

  • Leveraging Learning Spaces

    How will learning spaces support teaching and learning for the next decade or more? What role will emerging technologies play in those learning spaces? What role will physical/online environments play in those learning spaces?

  • Supporting Indigenous Ways of Knowing

    How can we advance Indigenous ways of teaching, learning, knowing and being in education? How can we ensure meaningful engagement and connection with Indigenous communities to strengthen teaching and learning?

  • Ensuring Academic Integrity

    With the ever-changing landscape of technology, means of access, and modalities of learning, what can be done to make sure that academic integrity stays at the core of teaching and learning? How can we evaluate and assess the impact of academic integrity?

  • Improving Mental Health and Well-being

    How can we better support the mental health and well-being of faculty, students, postdoctoral scholars and/or staff? How does mental health and well-being impact and/or influence teaching and learning in education? How can the impacts of mental health on learners and educators be better understood?

Founding Members


Established in early 2018, four top research universities in Canada along with D2L agreed to create a new joint applied research body called the D2L Innovation Guild.

Together, we have built a foundation for collaborative research and innovation that extends beyond the boundaries of individual organizations and therefore leverages those strengths to solve teaching and learning challenges that loom on the horizon.

We thank these organizations for their support, and a special thanks to their senior leaders who have contributed their time as Board Chair / Board Members: University of GuelphUniversity of ManitobaUniversity of WaterlooUniversity of Calgary and D2L Corporation.

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Changes are coming to the D2L Innovation Guild in 2023. Stay tuned for more details.
Can’t wait? Contact us at [email protected] and we will be in touch.