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D2L Brightspace for Educators and Administrators

As a robust learning platform designed to reach all learners from K to 12, Brightspace offers a rich set of features for both your online and blended needs, including digital portfolios, alignment to B.C.’s Core and Curricular Competencies, rubrics, quizzes, and so much more!

D2L Brightspace + B.C.

Provincial Learning Management System Selected

Following a provincial procurement process involving educators, administrative staff and other stakeholder representatives, D2L Brightspace has been selected as the provider for the Provincial Learning Management System.

For more information, contact [email protected].

Teaching and Learning Webinars

Each month, we offer new webinars to support educators’ use of D2L Brightspace. These webinars offer effective practice workflows, implementation ideas, and examples to help you optimize your Brightspace Classroom.

Don’t miss upcoming webinars and get access to previous sessions.

Get Started with D2L Brightspace

  • One-minute Workflow Videos

    Watch bite-sized videos to help you get started with D2L Brightspace

  • Google Integration Webinar

    Learn how D2L Brightspace integrates with your favourite Google tools

  • Microsoft Integration Webinar

    Learn how D2L Brightspace integrates with your favourite Microsoft tools

  • Resources for Parents

    A guide to D2L Brightspace for families and navigating learning from home

  • K-12 Brightspace Training

    Access a four-step training plan for educators

  • Additional Resources for K-12

    Explore content created by our team of education experts

Why use D2L Brightspace?

Help ensure equity for all students through an accessible platform that allows you to reach learners at every age, at every location, and on any device.

Support learners of every age and demonstrate growth over time with age-appropriate portfolio options that allow students to showcase their progress and allow you to easily provide feedback, align learning to competencies, and share learning with families.

Create lessons aligned to B.C.’s Curricular Competencies and Core Competencies and use materials from publishers and district-developed content.

Motivate students with relevant feedback with in-line annotations, an assessment hub, grade book, mastery view, audio feedback, and rubrics.

Support a variety of use cases including blended learning, virtual learning, and professional learning.

Build personal connections with video to create a more dynamic and interactive classroom experience.

Offer families a window into the classroom and share your students’ work and your feedback in a single click.

Find more time in your day by streamlining reminders, alerts, and personalized feedback through D2L Brightspace.

Integrate with the third-party tools you love, including Google DriveTM (watch the videos) and Microsoft TeamsTM.

Feel confident that your data is stored and managed in Canada and know that D2L takes privacy and security and accessibility seriously.

Attending SIDES has given me a more flexible schedule, and due to working at my own pace, my grades have gone up. The platform feels so personalized to each student.

– Abby, Grade 9 Student, SIDES