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Why I love Product Design at D2L


I’ve been working with D2L for nearly 17 years now, and one of the questions I get asked by candidates and new recruits is “Why do you love working at D2L?” Since we are actively looking to hire more talent, I thought I’d get ahead of the game by writing some things down. ????

So firstly, I find it incredible to work in the education space. Our clients and users are in the business of helping people better themselves through education, and our software and services are enabling that mission in a meaningful way. I love that I’m contributing to something that is profoundly changing the way the world learns!

Secondly, our mission has helped us collect some of the best and brightest people in the world under one banner and working with them every day continues to motivate and inspire me.

Thirdly, D2L has genuinely invested in my career growth!

I know, every technology employer promises to support your career growth. There’s probably a checkbox about this somewhere in the recruitment handbook, but it’s often an empty promise. At D2L, I can honestly say the company delivers on this promise. Over the years, I’ve seen countless teammates receive support in their pursuit of education and career growth, often moving laterally or vertically through the organization.

Those are some of the big compelling reasons I love working with D2L and continue to thrive here – but if those aren’t enough, here are some other things that keep me engaged:

  • Having autonomy over my projects (no micro-managing)
  • Working on a constantly evolving product and a world-class design system
  • Being able to use all the cutting-edge interaction design tools over the years including XD, Sketch, InVision, and many others
  • Being part of founding the Accessibility Llamas team, a grass-roots group of D2Lers who are passionate about levelling up our accessibility practices

If you’re still not convinced and want to hear more, I’m happy to chat – just reach out!

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