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A Year in the Life of a Senior Recruiter at D2L

  • 3 Min Read
This week marks my official one year anniversary at D2L. It went by pretty fast but I feel like I’ve learned and accomplished so much. Hands down the best career decision of my life. D2L is dedicated to reach every learner in flexible and innovative ways and I’m honored to be a part of this journey.

When first coming aboard I was pretty nervous as I had no intention of leaving my previous company. I was approached by my now colleague who asked if I had a time for a “quick chat”. Little did I know that conversation would change my whole life. That’s the power every Recruiter has and something that inspires me every day. Who will I talk to today? What new exciting opportunities can I introduce next? It’s the most amazing feeling when you find someone who completes that missing puzzle piece. After learning more about D2L’s mission, I knew I wanted to bring that same passion here.

My team welcomed me with open arms and made sure I was set up to succeed. Working remote in California, I was a bit concerned about the onboarding process, especially with D2L being based in Canada. However, from the moment I opened my laptop my week was filled with meetings, trainings and introductions. The leadership we have in place is incredible, I have the guidance and encouragement I needed to quickly focus and create a strategic game plan.

I’ve definitely grown a lot this past year. I now have International recruitment experience under my belt, working with different benefit packages and policies. It’s been eye opening and I feel every day I encounter something new. I still have much to learn but my team is always willing to help and point me in the right direction. I love being a part of new and exciting projects, including our internal newsletter. I’ve also recruited new sales roles that I’ve never profiled before and was successful in helping build some amazing new teams. I’d say it’s one of my favorite highlights of the year!

My job is very challenging at times but never is work/life balance an issue. I have a husband and 2 young daughters in school and I’ve never missed a single school or sport event. I’m very grateful for the flexibility. It’s not just about the number of hours you put in but what you accomplish in that time that’s most important. When you truly love what you do, it really doesn’t feel like “work”. I’m fortunate to have a career where I’m not counting the days till Friday.

As an added bonus, I’ve never had so much fun! My team includes me in almost every event via Zoom or Skype. We have weekly meetings, professional development engagements, town halls, social gatherings… we’re always doing something! Every quarter I travel to HQ and each time I come into the office, it’s like I never left. Peer recognition is also very important at D2L and I love that we take the time to give each other kudos! I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished so far and excited for what the future holds.

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