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Software Development at D2L in 2022


At D2L we strive to transform the way the world learns – from students attending university in person for the first time to an employee seeking professional development – we want to make it easier for everyone to learn through our products.

Working At D2L

Whether we are working from home, from the office or some combination of the two, D2L strives to make everyone’s experience positive.

Many teams have regular “coffee chat” type meetings over Zoom or Slack where they hang out with the rest of the team, play board games online or something else your team decides. These meetings are also a great place to collaborate on work.

InFUSION – our internal conference which always has some incredible talks – for the last two years has been fully online, allowing attendees to participate virtually and hang out in virtual spaces to talk and play games for some down time.

Our culture drives us to make sure everyone feels involved. From leadership down to individual contributors – we want a workplace for sharing ideas and feeling heard.

Building At Scale

Building things at scale is a very important part of our development goals. From SQL queries to designing Hypermedia APIs (HATEOAS) to loading pages in the front end – we want to design our systems in ways that they can serve the needs of organizations regardless of their size.

We Are Growing!

Our team is growing and we are looking to hire developers of all levels! If you are interested in transforming the way the world learns – or know someone who is – visit our careers page to apply for open roles!

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  3. We Are Growing!