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Life at D2L: My Co-op Experience

Finding the “perfect” co-op position is a difficult task for any student, regardless of your program. Sifting through thousands of positions on job boards is a daunting task, and what exactly are you looking for in your prospective employer? When I began to search for my 2nd co-op placement last summer, I was searching for two values: growth and opportunity. I wanted to be able to grow my professional skills and also have the opportunity to challenge myself with new projects. I found these values in D2L, a Kitchener-founded educational software company that is transforming the way the world learns.

I started at D2L in September of 2019 in their People and Culture department. My main responsibilities were coordination of recruiting activities for Technology, Engineering and Design positions and planning several internal D2L events. As the semester progressed, I had the opportunity to recruit for D2L’s Software Engineering Rotation Program, a unique program that attracts graduating software engineers from across the country. After speaking to countless students about D2L’s mission and work culture, I recognized the impact that D2L’s product has on young people around the world, and how D2L is such an amazing place for students to start their career.

From my first day of co-op at D2L, it was clear to me that the entire organization values co-op students and the merit of their contributions. During my time at D2L, I was recognized for my work through their Bravo Recognition Program, and even received their monthly People and Culture “You Rock” Award. D2L also recognizes employee achievements and work anniversaries, big or small, on monitors around the office. These small, yet effective, gestures of appreciation make you feel rewarded for your work and shows that D2L cares about recognizing their employees.

Outside of recognition, I had frequent learning opportunities at D2L to improve my professional skills. One of the more notable opportunities was a two-day workshop called “Crucial Conversations”, which provided me with the tools to more effectively manage high-stakes conversations. D2L went above and beyond the typical “co-op experience”, as these types of opportunities aren’t typically offered to co-op students.

I would recommend any co-op student to apply at D2L. You will grow, learn, be challenged and, most importantly, have fun! If you are interested in speaking about the “co-op experience” at D2L, message me and we can chat more.

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