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Drumming to a team beat

Team happiness is critical to client success at D2L. Before we win over the hearts and minds of clients, we must first win over the hearts and minds of employees. Whether it is escaping an adventure room, painting as a group, or taking on team members in a match of VR dodgeball, continually cultivating a sense of team is a top priority. Recently, our Resource Development team (the folks responsible for creating product documentation, video tutorials, and localizing ALL THE THINGS) won over our hearts, minds, ears and hands creating rhythm with a team-building drumming circle.

Turn down the volume! We headed to our local downtown community center where, first, we got LOUD celebrating the recent completion of a tool change, content migration of our entire asset library, and implementation of source control procedures. We had been busy, and our hearts and minds were getting a tad tired. This livened them back up so much that the bingo group in the room next to us knocked on our door and politely – but firmly – asked if we could take it down a notch. It was time to set aside our djembe drums for a few minutes…

Wooden spoons, hand bells, and ‘crackle cats’. The team had decided to complete the recent content migration and tool implementations ourselves. This had provided us with bounds of opportunity to stretch our skills in areas of interest. We owned our improvements and our own growth, highlighting our uniqueness as we moved through a transition together. So, when the bass got too loud for our neighboring bingo-dabbers, we reached into a large bag of unique percussion instruments our circle leader brought with her, pulled out our music-makers, and created our own original song. It united some unique instruments – as well as our unique personalities – in one cacophonous, yet awesome, rhythm.

Drumming in new chapters. Throughout the circle, our team laughed, teased one another, and let go of some stress. As our circle ended, we drummed together once more, invigorating ourselves with a new beat to lead us out the door and into our next set of challenges and opportunities. We are a stronger and even closer-knit team because of our recent projects. Drumming together hit the (not-so) high note to emphasize it!

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