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Transforming Learning Experiences with D2L’s Brightspace LMS

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Last Modified: Dec 31, 1969

I often get asked if I think COVID-19 has changed education. My response? “Yes—and no.” It’s a response that might be met with a sigh and a gentle shrug. As you may know, education—and the world at large—is not quite that simple. In one breath, I want to offer an enthusiastic “Yes! Of course, it did!” because, truly, who could have imagined this? We live in a world where children are (figuratively and—perhaps once or twice—literally) glued to a screen. Not long ago, this reality would have been far-fetched, and yet here we are. And while many wonderful lessons have come from this past year, my sentiment has remained the same—yes and no. Here’s why: Educators have struggled, students have struggled, and parents have struggled. I believe that we can still do better.

I once thought that education was immune from disruption and consumerization. That was until recently. We’re now seeing more scrutiny of the quality of the student experience, student engagement, and the return on investment. Today’s students are conscious and savvy consumers; the one-size-fits-all approach to learning does not suffice. Learning looks different than it once did, and so do schools, students, teachers, and even classrooms. Yet many learning management systems (LMS) in use today were designed to reflect traditional classroom approaches to learning. COVID-19 has highlighted areas for improvement in education that have, in turn, sparked the need for leaders to consider alternative approaches and the subsequent processes necessary to encourage and support positive teaching practices that meet the needs of learners.

At D2L we’re working hard to support educators, students, and parents based on their needs. In fact, D2L’s Brightspace LMS is a leading learning platform that supports the necessary departure from one-size-fits-all learning.

Why Brightspace?

Brightspace was designed to overcome the physical constraints of traditional classroom learning. It’s based on supporting individual learners, their performance, their choices, and their interests. Brightspace gives educators flexible and automated tools to design truly personalized learning at scale. For us, the LMS is an opportunity to design learning that’s more centered around the learner, that lets them authentically demonstrate mastery of skills, and that lets them interact with and receive growth-oriented feedback from peers and experts.

What else?

D2L continues to invest inward to build our already award-winning platform. We couldn’t have done that without our customers partnering with us to move to the cloud and help us design and launch our Daylight user experience.

Here are just a few things D2L and the Brightspace LMS provide to serve today’s learners:

  • Flexible Design: Ability to personalize content, assessment, and engagement using rules and automation.
  • Full Mobile Support: Learners can access their courses on any device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Robust Feedback Tools: Learners do best when their work is recognized. The Brightspace platform makes feedback easier by allowing faculty to mix their expertise with automation to deliver personalized feedback.
  • Personalized Learning Paths: The Brightspace LMS provides learners with the freedom to choose how they demonstrate mastery and the path they take to get there.
  • Engaging Collaboration: Video tools, discussion boards, virtual classroom options, and more help you create the best alternative to in-person learning.
  • Actionable Data and Analytics: Inform individual learner experiences and continuously improve the learning design process.
  • Reliable, Cloud-Based Platform: Modern and secure cloud architecture with 99.9% uptime so educators can keep educating and learners can keep learning.
  • Strong Commitment to Standards: We have 17 IMS certifications, more than any other LMS on the market.[1]
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These differences matter—and it’s getting noticed.

But don’t just take my word for it: Phil Hill, industry expert and head of Mindwires Consulting, commented on D2L’s noticeable momentum:

“What is most striking over the past year is the momentum from Brightspace, which has increased from 9% of new implementations in 2018 to 30% in 2020 thus far. At the same time, Canvas has decreased from their high of 58% of new implementations in 2019 to 41% in 2020.”

“D2L’s win rate in the market has increased now that Brightspace is 100% cloud-based, with accelerating market share gains in late 2020 appearing to leave that company poised for even bigger wins in 2021.”[2]

The shift is clear: More institutions and organizations are choosing D2L’s Brightspace. Why? They see it as a strategic choice for learning and teaching.

Why do students and educators love Brightspace?

D2L’s Brightspace was built for learning—not just course management. We’re fiercely committed to continuously enhancing your ability to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of your learners. These things simply cannot happen in an LMS built around people placed in a course only to consume content… And our optimism for accelerating innovation in learning is becoming contagious!

“It’s also been wonderful to hear feedback from our students about how Brightspace has made a positive difference to their learning.”
– Marvin Mayo, Coordinator of Extended Programs and Special Projects, CSULB

“Brightspace removed all doubt and convinced our leadership they could move forward quickly and with confidence.”
– David Starnes, Chief Academic Officer, Purdue Global

Quality learning experiences that are learner-centric start from a few simple observations. Learners need:

  • A variety of options to interact with content, ideas, and materials.
  • Multiple ways to demonstrate knowledge and mastery, and clarity on their expectations.
  • The ability to choose how they engage with and interact with learning environments and with their peers and mentors.

Not everyone is ready for these sophisticated approaches, and that’s okay. We’ve built our partnership model with customers to meet them where they are so they can continually improve their ability to operationalize and then transform their delivery and learning experiences. We recognize that sharing experiences, information, and infrastructure supports learners and educators, and overall, it’s less expensive for organizations to successfully implement for their business and student success needs.

When you combine a partner committed to helping your institution or organization grow with technology that can scale, the future is bright. Visit to get in touch with one of our passionate product experts who will be more than happy to discuss how D2L’s Brightspace learning platform can help you reach all of your institutional and organizational goals.



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