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Ohio, Are You Ready For The Right LMS Solution?

The K-12 education landscape is changing and great teaching and learning practices are now more important than ever. Discover how the right learning management system (LMS) is your partner in modern education. D2L is more than just another educational technology company and Brightspace is more than just another LMS.

Discover why D2L Brightspace is the solution for your district’s needs. Our goal is to make sure ALL Ohio students reach their fullest potential.

The analytics capabilities of Brightspace are extremely beneficial to teachers. They give teachers the ability to look at data on students’ assignments and quiz scores that help them reflect on how well they are getting through to our students. That’s what truly makes Brightspace powerful, and we’ve seen big changes in the way we teach as a result.

– Angela Martin, Director of TRECA Digital Academy, TRECA Digital Academy
LMS Security in the Brightspace Platform

Support teachers inside and outside of the classroom

Brightspace solution

  • Provide real-time learning data to teachers to personalize instruction
  • Seamless grading and student feedback
  • Simple course development with Georgia state standards tracking
  • One learning platform for professional development and teaching


Anytime, anywhere teaching and learning

Brightspace solution

  • Anytime, anywhere course access to deal with chronic absenteeism
  • Provide curriculum access through disruptions or traditional learning
  • Prevent enrolment drop with teaching and learning from any device, from mobile to laptop
  • Flexible learning options like blended and virtual
D2L Nominated for 8 CODiE Awards

Supporting Social Emotional Learning to Help Enable Student Recovery

  • Developing self-awareness, self-management, and responsible decision-making skills
  • Using social-awareness and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive relationships
  • Improving student attitudes and beliefs about self, others, and school

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Gwinnett Public County Schools

Personalized learning for every student

Brightspace solution

  • Differentiate instruction and personalize support.
  • Create custom learning paths and provide accommodations for diverse student needs.
  • Enable alternative metrics of engagement and progression, such as for mastery learning, and for non-readers and students requiring language support.
  • Engaging content with the ability to communicate and encourage learning for younger learners


The power of partnership

Brightspace solution

  • Support from a team of K-12 educators who will support you every step of the way
  • Scalable adoption to suit your districts needs
  • A team of experts to help align your vision to Brightspace tools
  • Define success, seamless transition, boost value and maximize the Brightspace impact

Innovative organizations think alike

We don’t just offer best-in-class learning solutions. We help you transform learning. Here are a few of our customers that are innovating teaching and learning with D2L.


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Discover how Brightspace offers a solution for K-12 Districts

Our mission is to partner with customers to improve retention, grow advocacy, and create scalable growth aligned to your teaching and learning goals. Our clients are most successful when they are supported by a strong partner throughout their customer journey.

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