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Season 2, Episode 3 - Teach & Learn

Navigating K-12 Change Management for Student Success

Join D2L for a discussion with Dr. Kathleen Grigsby on how to navigate change management in the K-12 industry for student success.

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Welcome to Season 2, Episode 3 of Teach & Learn: A podcast for curious educators, brought to you by D2L. Hosted by Dr. Cristi Ford, VP of Academic Affairs at D2L, the show features candid conversations with some of the sharpest minds in the K-20 education space. We discuss trending educational topics, teaching strategies and delve into the issues plaguing our schools and higher education institutions today.

Episode Description  

Today’s episode is all about change management in the K-12 industry. Change management at the elementary and high school levels can involve pedagogy, administrative process and technology, or a combination of one or more of these areas. But it can often be met with resistance by educators, students and parents.

To discuss this topic further, we welcomed Dr. Kathleen Grigsby, Assistant Superintendent at Jackson Public Schools and guest host Dr. Brittany Singleton, of D2L. Dr. Grigsby and Dr. Singleton chatted about:

  • How to shift the narrative around change management from “resistant” to “responsive”
  • Best practices, processes and examples to help teachers and students embrace change
  • How effective change management can lead to positive outcomes in schools
  • Potential trends in change management in K-12
  • Tools and methodologies that can help guide successful change management

Show Notes

01:07: An introduction to Dr. Kathleen Grigsby

02:56: How Dr. Grigsby approaches change management considering the unique challenges of the education sector

06:38: How change management led to significant improvements in a school in Dr. Grigsby’s district

09:09: The number one piece of advice for getting buy-in from stakeholders

12:16: How leaders can balance the need for innovation with stability

22:01: Addressing the concerns of teachers feeling overwhelmed by adapting new teaching methods or technologies

24:38: The importance of involving students in the change management process

30:46: The key skills and qualities that leaders need to drive positive transformation

34:24: How educational institutions can create a culture open to change

37:10: Specific tools, frameworks and methodologies that help guide change management initiatives in the K-12 industry


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