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Season 2, Episode 4 - Teach & Learn

How to Scale and Systematize Innovation in Higher Education

Join D2L and York University’s Michelle Sengara for a discussion on how to systematize and scale innovation efforts at higher education institutions.

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Welcome to Season 2, Episode 4 of Teach & Learn: A podcast for curious educators, brought to you by D2L. Hosted by Dr. Cristi Ford, VP of Academic Affairs at D2L, the show features candid conversations with some of the sharpest minds in the K-20 education space. We discuss trending educational topics, teaching strategies and delve into the issues plaguing our schools and higher education institutions today.

Episode Description  

According to author and productivity expert James Clear, people don’t rise to the level of their goals. Instead, they fall to the level of their systems. This doesn’t just apply to individuals. In today’s episode, we discuss the how universities and colleges can systematize and scale innovation.

To discuss this topic further, we welcomed Michelle Sengara, Director of Academic Innovation at York University. Our host and guest chatted about:

  • What is meant by a systems approach to innovation.
  • The importance of building relationships and reimagining teaching and learning as dynamic networks of interactions.
  • The challenges of integrating technology in education.
  • The importance of self-assessment and peer assessment skills for students.

Show Notes

02:03: An introduction to Michelle Sengara

04:31: Michelle explains her systems approach and how it pertains to academia

08:58: Why innovation isn’t necessarily a singular event or idea

12:28: How Michelle and her team are reimagining online course delivery at York University

17:49: The interesting results of a study Michelle ran with 5,000 students

19:47: Why it’s crucial to start building agency in the K-12 years

21:18: Why offering students flexible learning options can backfire

23:12: Redefining how we think about assessments and evaluations

30:12: The role technology can play in measuring knowledge

33:42: Michelle’s thoughts on a post-digital age

40:42: What’s next for Michelle


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